viisights Proves to Make Smart Cities Smarter with Line of Behavioral Recognition Video Analytics

viisights is rapidly increasing its dominance within the video analytics market for smart cities with its Wise™ product offering for public security, safety, environmental health, and urban mobility. viisights’ innovative behavioral recognition video understanding technology adds AI-driven intelligence to existing security cameras to automatically detect developing safety and security risks and raise near real-time alarms, thus making smart cities smarter. This equates to added value in the form of enhanced operational efficiencies, improved quality of life for residents, and safer, healthier, and more secure environments.

viisights Collaborates with Guardsman Group for Caribbean Expansion

viisights is collaborating with Guardsman Group, to provide AI-powered behavior recognition video analytics to greatly enhance real-time event recognition and automated reporting in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean. The Guardsman Group stands on over 40 years of experience, and consists of 13 companies with more than seven thousand staffers in the region.

viisights Showcases Behavioral Recognition Video Analytics for Security, Safety and Environment-Health at Smart City Expo 2022

viisights is showcasing their advanced weapons detection, violence detection, threat detection, traffic monitoring, and personal and environmental safety solutions at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2022 in Barcelona November 15-17, stand #P2-B157. In addition, viisights CEO Asaf Birenzvieg will be a featured panelist in a Safety and Security conference session on November 15.

viisights and Qognify Seamlessly Integrate Innovative Behavioral Analytics and VMS Solution

Enables Predictive Analysis to Help Prevent and De-escalate Events in Realtime viisights and Qognify have partnered to offer a seamlessly integrated solution that automates event detection and analysis. The integrated solution dramatically increases situational awareness by employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to autonomously detect, analyze, and understand situations and events as they are unfolding.  “viisights is […]

viisights Announces Wise Behavioral Recognition Software as a Service

viisights announced the viisights wise solution would be available as a software as a service (SaaS) offering later this year. viisights wise SaaS will be available in the second half of 2022, providing customers with an additional deployment option to match their needs. viisights wise provides AI-driven, real-time video analytics of video content captured by widespread surveillance cameras located throughout traffic control centers, roads, public areas, buildings, shopping centers, and commercial and industrial zones.

EAGL Technology Partners with viisights for Deployment of Innovative Preemptive Violence Detection System

viisights and EAGL Technology have partnered to create and deploy unique and comprehensive video understanding technology designed to detect armed persons and provide real-time early alerts. By combining viisights AI-powered behavior recognition video analytics with EAGL gunshot detection and alert systems, customers will benefit from the ability to identify and detect a potential active-shooter scenario in real-time to help security and law enforcement personnel to proactively prevent events from happening or escalating.

viisights Secures $10 Million in Additional Funding

viisights announced a $10M fundraising round led by Israeli VC, Hive2040, with the participation of Migdal Insurance and existing investors headed by Firstime Ventures. These funds will expand marketing efforts and product enhancements to penetrate additional target markets, and initiate a new SaaS business model. viisights uses the most advanced AI-powered algorithms available to recognize abnormal behaviors and events of special interest, including violent events such as fighting or bullying, and suspicious activity recognition such as loitering, looting and vandalism, and then raises real-time alerts.

viisights Showcases Innovative Behavioral Video Analytics at Smart City Expo

viisights will be attending Smart City Expo, Barcelona, Spain November 16 – 18, 2021. viisights advanced video understanding technology provides highly cost-effective and efficient security, safety and environment sensing solutions for smart-cities, corporate and education campuses, commercial and industrial businesses, transportation hubs, critical infrastructure and more.

viisights Welcomes New Vice President of Global Marketing

viisights announces the appointment of Ronen Sadan as Vice President of Marketing. Ronen brings extensive leadership experience in marketing and product management for established and start-up technology companies, including NovelSat, Siano Mobile, and Intel Corporation. In those roles, he demonstrated success in defining and bringing new products to market and managing strategic accounts.

Raytheon Selects viisights Wise Behavioral Analytics for TSA Evaluation Initiative

viisights has been selected for airport cargo security evaluation by global defense contractor, Raytheon Security (RTX). The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) contracted Raytheon Technologies to select and evaluate next-generation security solutions for airports. To conduct the test, Raytheon deployed viisights’ advanced video and behavioral analytics solution for cargo security at various airports across the U.S. for evaluation over twelve months.

Atos Integrates viisights Software into Atos Computer Vision Platform to Enable 24/24 7/7 Safety in Cities.

Atos announces its new partnership to integrate viisights software into its Atos Computer Vision Platform. Atos is a leader in global Edge AI. This collaboration will allow viisights’ powerful behavioral video analytics to run on Atos Computer Vision Platform, providing users with unique insight and therefore to immediately detect and predict violent activity, suspicious activity, crowd behavior, traffic monitoring, and much more to help authorities prevent harmful activities from escalating. viisights is the leading developer of advanced AI-powered behavioral video analytics software.

PSA Announces Addition of Viisights to Technology Partner Line Up

PSA announced the addition of viisights to its approved technology partners. viisights adds behavioral recognition systems for real-time video intelligence to the PSA offerings. viisights developed technology that allows video surveillance systems to provide information on what subjects in the captured video feed are doing. Its system analyzes real-time data to determine unique information for behavioral results of objects.

viisights and ReddWare Offer Preconfigured Video Analytics

iisights and ReddWare Inc., announce their new partnership. The partnership seamlessly integrates viisights’ unique behavioral analytics and ReddWare’s specialized video servers for a wide range of professional security applications and deployments around the world. Built and tested in-house, ReddWare video servers are designed by a team of highly experienced engineers who specialize in physical security integration, ensuring that their customized servers meet each user’s specific system requirements and application needs.

The City of Eilat Drives Israel’s Smart City Initiative with the Deployment of Advanced Behavioral Analytics

viisights has recently deployed a new installation in the city of Eilat, Israel to detect, predict and analyze events of interests in real-time and alert authorities of crowding, violent/suspicious activity, traffic or crowd congestion, and more. Deployment of the unique behavioral analytics solution was fast-tracked in preparation for the large number of tourists who typically flood the city during the Passover and upcoming holiday season.

León, Mexico Selects viisights to Improve Urban Mobility, Safety, and to Help Fight COVID Transmission

Applied to existing video feeds in one of the most populous cities in the country by national integrator MER Group Mexico, whose its SMART M platform will be installed in the police C4 and integrated with Viisights systems, Wise will be leveraged to identify suspicious behavior, violent activity, weapon detection, crowd behaviors, perimeter protection, traffic monitoring, and environmental changes such as smoke or fire. The newly applied technology will help to increase public security and safety.

viisights Behavioral Recognition Changes the Landscape in Video Intelligence

viisights continues to gain momentum with cities, organizations, and technology partners serving the U.S. and global markets. The highly innovative and unique solution provides municipalities and organizations with the ability to automatically detect, analyze, and differentiate human behaviors, such as an individual slipping and falling vs. being thrown to the ground, or two people embracing vs. fighting, or a peaceful parade vs. a riot.