viisights Debuts Next-Gen Proactive and Preemptive Behavioral Recognition Video Analytics at GSX 2023

Proven ROI with Reduced False Alarms and Lower Costs Per Stream

viisights is providing GSX 2023 attendees with a first-hand look at its latest advancements in proactive intelligence, including updates to its flagship viisights wise™ video analytics and viisights IQ auto-learning technology.

Together, these new developments set new benchmarks in video analytics performance for professional security and safety intelligence applications.

“With wise 3.0 and viisights IQ, we’re ushering in a new era of proactive security intelligence through the use of advanced behavioral recognition video analytics,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO, viisights.

“These solutions mark a quantum leap forward in harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to detect critical events through the context and nuances of how humans and inanimate and dynamic objects behave. Our goal is to empower organizations with unprecedented insights and actionable intelligence, ultimately creating safer and more efficient environments.”

wise 3.0 behavioral recognition video analytics 

provides detection, analysis, and notification of violent activity, suspicious activity, individual and crowd behavior, perimeter and protection control, traffic monitoring, and personal and environmental safety. New detection capabilities included in wise 3.0 include person-tailgating, person-abandon-bag/ abandoned-bag, personal protective equipment (PPE), and more. This new release also provides significant improvements in processing throughput and speed impacting overall performance, specifically in high recall and low false positive rates. Harnessing the full potential of GPU computing power, wise 3.0 delivers lower costs per stream for unparalleled cost-efficiency.

Also featured at GSX 2023 is viisights IQ, an innovative new auto-learning technology that enhances viisights powerful behavior recognition video analytics to reduce false alarms, increase event precision capabilities, and improve overall operational efficiency. viisights IQ enhances system operation by adding a powerful new auto-learning function that implements autonomous training to learn what is, and what is not, an event of interest within a scene.

viisights IQ™ makes periodic adjustments based on the unique situation of each camera, thereby improving precision performance for every camera, significantly reducing the number of false alarms. In doing so, overall operational efficiency is improved by allowing operators to focus on real events of interest that warrant their attention.

viisights intelligent behavioral recognition video analytics are currently deployed in critical applications around the world to help create safer and smarter cities, enterprises, campuses, banks, financial institutions, critical infrastructure, transportation hubs, manufacturing facilities, and other virtual and public areas.

Experience viisights innovative behavioral recognition video analytics solutions at GSX 2023.

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