viisights Debuts viisights IQ Video Analytics Auto-Learning Technology at ISC West 2023

Dramatically Reduces False Alarms and Increases Event Precision Capabilities for Industry-Leading Behavioral Recognition Video Analytics

viisights is debuting viisights IQ here at ISC West 2023 in booth 9123.

viisights IQ is an innovative new auto-learning technology that enhances viisights powerful behavior recognition video analytics to reduce false alarms, increase event precision capabilities, and improve overall operational efficiency.

“viisights behavioral recognition video analytics are deployed around the world, helping improve security and safety through the real-time precision and analysis of events. Our new viisights IQtechnology will make our entire portfolio of viisights wise solutions even more effective,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO, viisights.

viisights IQautomatically creates a customized machine learning model for each camera to increase precision capabilities and dramatically lower the false positive rate. This approach overcomes one of the biggest challenges of scaling real-time video analytics by eliminating false alarms and improving the effectiveness of camera systems of any size.”

viisights IQenhances the system operation by adding a powerful new auto-learning function that implements autonomous training to learn what is, and what is not, an event of interest within a scene. This training is not a setting that affects every part of the system in the same way – instead, viisights IQanalyzes the video for each individual camera in the system and adjusts the learning to take the specifics of that camera view into account. For example, every camera view has many environmental and behavioral characteristics: point of view, type of objects, number of objects, the speed that objects move, how objects move, lighting conditions, and more.

Using a generic machine learning model to reflect all these variables will not provide high performance and achieve low false positive rates, because the factors vary between cameras in the same system. viisights IQwas created to solve that problem by making periodic adjustments based on the unique situation of each camera, thereby improving precision performance for every camera and significantly reducing the number of false alarms. By improving the precision capabilities of each camera, and reducing false alarms, overall operational efficiency will also be improved, and operators can focus on the urgent events that need their attention.

viisights IQ technology will be available as part of the wise product solutions suite starting Q4/2023.

viisights behavioral recognition video analytics are proving to be effective around the world in helping security and law enforcement authorities detect violent activities such as individuals brandishing weapons, fighting, vandalism, and unruly crowd behavior. viisights solutions are also successfully deployed in myriad applications to proactively  detect suspicious activities such as loitering, abandoned objects, and people running/fleeing, as well as to evaluate and analyze crowd size, density, movement, and provide occupancy analysis to assist with facilities management. For industrial and manufacturing safety applications, viisights intelligent behavioral recognition video analytics are deployed to detect environmental and safety events such as liquid spills and leaks, line crossing into dangerous areas, and a host of other potentially dangerous situations.

Experience viisights innovative behavioral recognition video analytics solutions at ISC West 2023. booth #9123. .

viisights is a leading innovator of behavioral recognition analytics for real-time video intelligence. The company provides AI-powered behavioral recognition analytics for safe and smart cities, enterprises, campuses, financial institutions, critical infrastructures, transportation hubs and for industrial, manufacturing and healthcare facilities. visit:

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