viisights Showcases Behavioral Recognition Video Analytics with Higher Levels of Intelligence at ISC West 2023

Includes Debut of New viisights IQ™, an Onsite Auto-Learning Technology that Dramatically Reduces False Alarms and Increases Event Precision Capabilities

viisights is showcasing their latest advancements in proactive intelligence here at ISC West 2023 in booth 9123, and in the Milestone booth 18053.

viisights’ innovative video understanding technology utilizes deep neural networks to detect and analyze the behaviors of individuals, other diverse objects, and their relevant contexts in real time utilizing existing video infrastructure. The latest breakthrough from viisights highlighted at ISC West is a new onsite auto-learning technology called viisights IQ, an optimization mechanism that reduces false alarms.

“viisights behavioral recognition video analytics help ensure higher levels of security and safety through the real-time detection and analysis of events as they are unfolding. Our new viisights IQ technology that will be included within viisights wise makes our entire portfolio of solutions even more effective,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO, viisights.

“One of the biggest challenges of scaling real-time video analytics up to hundreds or thousands of cameras is limiting the number of false positives. viisights IQ automatically creates a customized machine learning model onsite for each camera to increase precision capabilities and dramatically lower the false positive rate.”

viisights success stories

viisights behavioral recognition video analytics are proving to be effective around the world in helping security and law enforcement authorities detect violent activities such as individuals brandishing weapons, fighting, vandalism, and unruly crowd behavior.  Other viisights success stories include the proactive detection of suspicious activities such as loitering, abandoned objects, and people running/fleeing, crowd behaviors including size, density, and movement, and occupancy analysis. For industrial and manufacturing safety applications, viisights intelligent behavioral recognition video analytics are deployed to detect environmental and safety issues such as liquid spills and leaks, line crossing into dangerous areas, and a host of other potentially dangerous situations.

viisights IQ is a new powerful onsite auto-learning solution

Making its public debut at ISC West 2023, the aptly named viisights IQ is a new powerful onsite auto-learning solution that features autonomous training to learn what is, and what is not, an event of interest within a scene. Every camera has many environmental and behavioral characteristics: point of view, type of objects, number of objects, the speed the object moves, how the object moves, lighting conditions and more. Using a generic machine learning model will not provide high performance and achieve low false positive rates. viisights IQ was created to solve that problem. viisights IQ technology will be available as part of the wise product solutions suite starting Q4/2023.

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viisights is a leading innovator of behavioral recognition analytics for real-time video intelligence. The company provides AI-powered behavioral recognition analytics for safe and smart cities, enterprises, campuses, financial institutions, critical infrastructures, transportation hubs and for industrial, manufacturing and healthcare facilities. visit:

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