viisights Joins Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Showcase Behavioral Recognition Video Analytics at IoT Solutions World Congress 2023

AI-enhanced Software Makes Any Existing Video System Smarter & More Effective

viisights is showcasing their advanced security, safety and environmental health solutions together with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (“HPE”) at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2023 in Barcelona January 31st to February 2nd . viisights will be demonstrating their system together with HP in the HPE stand #632.

Viisights recently joined the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Ready for Technology Partner Program as a silver-tier member and plans to demo its solutions for industrial and manufacturing facilities, healthcare, enterprise and various campuses, and smart-cities.

“We are delighted to return to Barcelona this time under the HPE partnership umbrella to engage with the global community and demonstrate our extensive portfolio of behavioral recognition video analytics solutions on top of the HPE greenlake platform” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO, viisights.

“Today, it is more important than ever for safety and security teams to implement advanced pre-emptive solutions that can automatically help them focus on emerging situations, where they can be most effective in reducing damage, losses, and harm. viisights is proud to provide behavioral video analytics that can be added to new or existing video systems to greatly improve safety, security and environmental-health with extreme effectiveness and cost-efficiency.”

viisights’ unique video understanding technology utilizes deep neural networks to analyze video streams from video camera systems to automatically detect developing safety and security risks and raise near real-time alarms. The early notification of impending and real-time behavioral events of interest enables responders to take faster action, effectively reducing or eliminating negative outcomes from potentially threatening or harmful events.

viisights intelligent behavioral recognition video understanding technology is currently deployed in critical applications around the world to help create safer and smarter healthcare facilities, manufacturing and industrial centers, enterprises, campuses, banks and financial institutions, critical infrastructure, transportation hubs, and other virtual and public areas.

viisights’s video streams in real-time

viisights provides intelligent real-time video analytics of video content captured by new and existing video cameras located in any public and private venue. The system processes and understands large numbers of video streams in real-time while providing insights and real-time alerting for a variety of actions, events, and scenes of interest. Behavioral recognition capabilities include detection, analysis, and notification of violent activity, suspicious activity, PPE usage, individual and crowd behavior, perimeter and protection control, traffic monitoring, and personal and environmental safety.

viisights intelligent analytics can be deployed on-premises, or remotely as a service (SaaS). viisights is currently beta-testing wise SaaS services with selected customers.

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viisights is a innovator of behavioral recognition analytics for real-time video intelligence. The company provides AI-powered behavioral recognition analytics for safe and smart cities, enterprises, campuses, financial institutions, critical infrastructures, transportation hubs and for industrial, manufacturing and healthcare facilities. visit:

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