Elite Interactive Remote Guarding – Stops 96% of Crimes Without Law Enforcement Involvement

Elite Interactive Solutions has compiled three years of data spanning from 2020 to 2022 that details criminal activity and outcomes at three of the company’s customer locations.

The data confirms that Elite has been successful in preventing criminal behavior in 96% of non-violent incidents when trespassers were detected on customers’ properties without the need for police intervention.

In over 1,400 documented security related events in this study, Elite’s Digital Guards™ solution resulted in one of three positive outcomes: the criminal behavior stopped or the police detained or arrested the subject(s) – with zero false alarms generated to law enforcement during the three-year survey time frame.

“Digital Guards™ is a truly unique, field-proven crime prevention solution,” said Aria Kozak, CEO, Elite Interactive.

“In addition to being a proactive solution to combat crime, Elite’s guard replacement services, deliver significant ROI over time by reducing costs associated with personnel, theft and vandalism.”

Advanced AI security technologies

Elite Interactive Solutions employs advanced AI security technologies to autonomously identify anomalies at a client’s location, such as when an individual or vehicle appears on premises during off hours. Once an anomaly is detected, the AI driven system analyzes and determines if it is a false or non-security event in real-time. If the incident is determined to be non-threatening, it is dismissed, effectively eliminating a false alarm.

Events identified as being potential or imminent threats are managed by experienced security professionals with law enforcement or military backgrounds who immediately engage the individual(s) directly via two-way audio technology (coined “voice downs”). This is the most frequent engagement as documented by Elite’s data with 96% of incidents being resolved through Elite’s voice down process.

Elite’s empirical data clearly indicates a reduction in the number of incidents requiring deterrent, detainment or arrest over a three-year period, clearly documenting the immediate and long-term crime prevention benefits of the company’s Digital Guards™ solution.

Elite Interactive Solutions is a remote guarding pioneer and leader in offering security solutions that provide clients with dramatically more effective security at greatly reduced costs when compared to traditional guard services. The proprietary combination of systems and processes help clients avoid losses and set new standards in crime prevention. visit: https://eliteisi.com

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Source: eliteisi.com