PureTech Systems Announces Integration with HENSOLDT SPEXER 360 Radar


PureTech Systems announced the successful integration of the HENSOLDT SPEXER 360 Enhanced Radar into the PureActiv Geospatial Command and Control solution.

This deep integration enables users the ability to adjust the radar performance parameters within the PureActiv AlertView geospatial command and control client software.

The enhanced radar system is deployed on Mobile Video Surveillance Systems designed for border protection and is available for general relocatable and fixed location government and commercial deployments.

SPEXER 360 is a lightweight, low power, X-band radar, designed to be deployed on a variety of platforms. Its many capabilities include situational awareness for military and CNI, drone detection, and flexible deployment options.

Coupled with the capabilities of PureActiv, the solution provides 360 degrees of detection, PTZ camera slew-to-cue, PureTech’s deep-learning-based object classification, camera auto-follow, and optional acoustic deterrent control.

“HENSOLDT’s SPEXER 360 is a high-performance radar – exceptionally fit for layered sensing in-depth and situational awareness.  In collaborating with PureTech, we are leveraging HENSOLDT’s advanced radar technology and years of field experience with border and security operations, to deliver a compact, cost-effective, and full-featured system,” says Ken Loy, CEO of HENSOLDT Inc.

“PureTech is pleased to be adding this impressive radar to the family of detection and tracking sensors supported by PureActiv.  Our objective is to always offer the best-fit perimeter protection solution to address our customer’s needs.  Adding the SPEXER 360 Enhanced Radar will enable us to address an ever-expanding set of perimeter and wide-area protection scenarios” said Larry Bowe, Jr., President of PureTech Systems.

PureTech Systems develops, markets, and supports patented location-based AI video analytics software, PureActiv, for real-time safety and security applications. 

Hensoldt Inc. tailors its parent company’s sensors, radars, optronics, and sophisticated electronic systems to its customers’ needs to provide them situational awareness in the Air, on Land, and on the Sea. 

Source: puretechsystems.com

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