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New PureTech Systems Patent Issued for Deep Learning Enhanced Object Incident Detection

PureTech Systems announced the issuance of a patent by the United States Patent Office – US Patent 11,288,517, System And Method For Deep Learning Enhanced Object Incident Detection. The ability to detect falling incidents is an increasing concern for cruise vessels, oil rigs, overpasses and buildings. The newly awarded patent for PureTech Systems addresses both the detection of falling incidents, as well as, overboard movements onto structures, such as cargo ships with the use of a Deep Learning neural network. In addition to providing necessary information to ships, the newly patented system can also be applied to anywhere a fall could occur.

PureTech Systems’ C4ISR Software Simultaneously Detects, Tracks, and Identifies Land and Aerial Targets

PureTech successfully completed integration of short and long-range Counter UAS capabilities into its Autonomous Geospatial Border and Perimeter Protection C4ISR that addresses critical security threats, further demonstrating the system’s scalability and resiliency to enable all-domain command and control capabilities. At the testing range similar to a typical border operational environment, the PureActiv C4ISR was able to detect and track small UAS flying different evading trajectories within the range of deployed sensors that included 3D radars from SRC and Echodyne

PureTech Systems Announces Successful Integration with Open Options Access Technology

PureTech Systems announced the successful integration of the Open Options DNA (Distributed Network Architecture) Fusion Access Control Suite into the PureActiv Geospatial Command and Control solution.
PureTech Systems is known as a market-leader in the development of AI Geospatial video analytics and command and control software products designed to help organizations secure their perimeters around critical infrastructure and country borders.

PureTech Welcomes New Vice President of Federal Sector

PureTech Systems is proud to announce and welcome Ilia Rosenberg as the Company’s Vice President of Federal Sector. In his prior role as Managing Director for Blue Ocean Advisory Group and ISR GeoSensing Mr. Rosenberg was responsible for managing programs related to national defense, security, as well as heading their Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning practices. PureTech is a privately owned company established in 2004 that develops location-based AI video analytics software.

PureTech welcomes new Business Development Director

PureTech Systems announce and welcome Todd Brayfield as the Company’s Director of North American Business Development. Todd is an experienced leader in the security industry with over 25 years of experience providing advanced security detection solutions on large enterprise products. Prior to joining PureTech, Todd served as Sales Manager for the Advanced Services Group at Johnson Controls with a focus on critical Infrastructure and advanced security technologies.

PureTech Systems Announces Successful Integration with OWL GroundAware Radar

PureTech Systems announced the successful integration of PureActiv Software with the GroundAware Radar from Observation Without Limits (OWL). GroundAware is a ground surveillance sensor built around OWL’s simultaneous multi-beamforming Pulsed Doppler radar technology, delivering real-time situational awareness for critical infrastructure security applications. The PureActiv system auto-verifies the object detected and tracked by the radar as a person, vehicle, or other object type.

New PureTech Patent Affords More Accurate and Timely Man Overboard Detections

PureTech Systems announced the issuance of a patent by the United States Patent Office – “US Patent 10,922,552, System and Method for Man Overboard Incident Detection”.
Detecting man overboard events is a common problem for naval ships, cruise ships, and other large vessels. The newly awarded patent for PureTech Systems addresses some of these issues. The timely detection of man overboard events in the cruise industry and other related markets is difficult.

PureTech Systems Announces Integration with HENSOLDT SPEXER 360 Radar

PureTech Systems announced the successful integration of the HENSOLDT SPEXER 360 Enhanced Radar into the PureActiv Geospatial Command and Control solution.
This deep integration enables users the ability to adjust the radar performance parameters within the PureActiv AlertView geospatial command and control client software. The enhanced radar system is deployed on Mobile Video Surveillance Systems designed for border protection.

PureTech Systems’ Announces Successful Deployments with Siklu

PureTech Systems announced the successful deployments of PureActiv software with the Siklu gigabit wireless network. For security reasons the client cannot be discussed however, the combined solution of the Siklu network with the PureActiv software ensures the highest probability of detection at these U.S. based power generation plants. Additionally, the PureActiv software monitors the quality of the network and if a network link goes down, the PureActiv software immediately notifies the user.

PureTech Systems’ Announces Successful Integration and multiple Deployments with OptaSense

PureTech Systems announced the successful integration and deployments of PureActiv software with OptaSense Linear Ground Detection Systems (LGDS). The LGDS provides perimeter intrusion detection using advanced distributed acoustic sensing technology capable of detecting, classifying and locating multiple threats in real-time. PureActiv system verifies the detected threats as a person, vehicle, animal, or other.

New Faces Join The PureTech Systems Team

PureTech is proud to announce and welcome Rick Cottle as the Company’s Operations Manager. Rick will provide strong leadership and oversight of the customer support and system deployment teams as PureTech continues to expand into new markets. Prior to joining the PureTech Team, he has worked in the semiconductor industry, space systems avionics, and commercial aerospace software, as an engineer, manufacturing manager, and software development manager.

PureTech Systems Delivering on Orders of its PureActiv Software providing Rapidly Deployable Advanced Surveillance Technology to U.S. Border Patrol

PureTech Systems has announced receiving orders for its PureActiv software for over 135 Mobile Video Surveillance Systems (MVSS) vehicles being delivered to the Department of Homeland Security for use along the U.S. border. Delivery on the award began in 2020 and will conclude in the spring of 2021. The MVSS platform utilizes PureTech Systems’ PureActiv software as its central command and control, providing AI enhanced video detection and classification, user interface display, and sensor collaboration logic.

PureTech Systems Announces Technology Partnership with Milestone VMS

PureTech Systems announce its product integration with Milestone VMS and participation in the Milestone Marketplace. PureTech’s integration with Milestone enables alarms generated from PureActiv AI Video Analytics to be sent directly into the Milestone Video Management System (VMS). In addition to the product integration, PureTech is participating in the Milestone Marketplace. This gives end-users one-stop to explore applications, hardware, and services that are compatible with Milestone XProtect.

PureTech Completes Deployment – PureActiv wide Area Intrusion Detection Software System in the US

PureTech Systems is pleased to announce that deployment of its PureActiv wide area intrusion detection software system has been successfully completed at multiple Power Generation Sites in the U.S. PureActiv integrates PureTech’s market-leading geospatial AI video analytics and other sensor technologies into a seamless Common Operating Picture.