PureTech Systems’ Announces Successful Integration and multiple Deployments with OptaSense


PureActiv software provides automated detection and common operational picture for Linear Ground Detection Systems

PureTech Systems announced the successful integration and deployments of PureActiv software with OptaSense Linear Ground Detection Systems (LGDS).

The LGDS provides perimeter intrusion detection using advanced distributed acoustic sensing technology capable of detecting, classifying and locating multiple threats in real-time. When coupled with PureTech’s AI Deep Learning-based software, the PureActiv system verifies the detected threats as a person, vehicle, animal, or other.

This enables the integrated system with a machine to machine validation to automatically verify real threats and dramatically reduce nuisance alarms and the time spent reacting to them.

Working in cooperation, OptaSense and PureTech have deployed perimeter protection at several high-security power generation plants in the United States with plans to install additional sites by the end of 2020. OptaSense currently has over 20,000 miles of systems operational around the world, including on the U.S. southern border and international borders.

“PureActiv® provides the highest probability of detection with the lowest nuisance alarm rates by forming a nearly impenetrable virtual wall. Successfully integrated into a multitude of the camera, radar, and LDGS systems, our software provides cutting-edge perimeter security around the most critical facilities, infrastructure, and borders ” said PureTech Systems President Larry Bowe.

“ PureTech Systems software outperforms other analytics in detection range and accuracy of detection and classification, allowing security personnel to more efficiently and effectively identify threats.”

OptaSense’s Linear Ground Detection System is a real-time awareness edge device that detects and assesses activities and behaviors for perimeters, borders and infrastructure monitoring.  The solution “listens” and “feels” acoustic and seismic energies near a fiber-optic cable, then, through advanced algorithms, alerts and classifies on human activities through software, via a user interface or integrated C2 platforms.

“OptaSense leads the fibre-optic sensing industry in deployed miles, spanning multiple verticals and multiple applications.  We have an open architecture that integrates with other layers of security and common operating pictures like PureActiv, with our system often providing an early warning and tip and cue.  We’re proud to integrate with industry-leading technologies on critical national infrastructure projects,” said Jeff Williamson, OptaSense Managing Director.

PureTech Systems develops, markets, and supports patented location-based AI video analytics software, PureActiv, for real-time safety and security applications.  

OptaSense provides intelligent business value through the deployment of distributed fiber-optic sensing in a wide variety of application areas serving a global market.

Source: puretechsystems.com