Qognify Adds Advanced Real-Time and Post Incident Investigation Capabilities to Cayuga Video Management System

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Qognify announced the launch of the latest version of its renowned Cayuga video management system (VMS). Cayuga R17 provides control rooms with powerful new person tracking, masking and camera forwarding capabilities, to improve real-time incident handling and post incident investigation.

The ability to act quickly during a live security/safety incident is vital to a successful outcome. Security operators need tools at their fingertips that are instinctive and intuitive, to ensure they respond appropriately, regardless of their knowledge and experience.

A new advanced investigation capability

Tracking persons of interest across a camera network, in real-time, requires a deep understanding of where cameras are located and the ability to rapidly switch between them. This is where Click2Track comes in – a new advanced investigation capability added to Cayuga R17. It enables operators to easily follow persons of interest, either in a real-time monitoring situation, or as part of a post incident investigation, across every camera connected to the VMS.

The operator simply activates Click2Track and clicks on the appropriate highlighted area (depending on the direction of travel) displayed on the screen. They are then automatically presented with the next camera feed, the moment the subject is in its field of view, ensuring the subject is always kept under close observation.

Carsten Eckstein, Head of Product Management for Cayuga at Qognify states: “Click2Track enables any operator to focus their full attention on managing a situation, to obtain the best possible outcome, rather than having to know where and how to locate the next best available camera and juggling between feeds and screens.”

Enabling operators to easier work together

Another feature added to R17 enables operators to easier work together. With the new camera sharing feature, a camera feed can be instantly shared with another operators, in just three clicks.

“It can often be the case that live footage needs to be shared with another operator, or stakeholder, to take a decision on a course of action. In such time-critical circumstances, there is no need to involve an administrator to amend user rights, but temporary sharing can happen instantly whenever it is vital that the transition is made on the fly,” adds Eckstein.

Click2Mask automatically detects people

The need to mask footage prior to exporting, i. e. because of GDPR requirements, is another time-consuming process that is improved significantly with Cayuga R17. Click2Mask automatically detects people in the camera view and creates a mask together with a movement trajectory that preserves a person’s anonymity in accordance with data-protection and privacy laws. Click2Mask enables multiple areas to be masked at the same time, and it can also be applied to obscure parts of the video, that could potentially leak commercially sensitive information, or compromise security.

Eckstein adds: “Using Click2Mask can be as much as 10 times faster than the slow manual masking process, that will be familiar to many operators working in control rooms right now.”

Other new features in Cayuga R17 include one-click alarm categorization, enhanced support of multi-sensor devices and integration with the new Bosch INTEOX camera platform. R17 also makes it easier to upgrade camera firmware through use of Qognify’s web-based management and monitoring platform, Umbrella. It also contains language support for Japanese and Romanian now, increasing the number of available languages for the user interface to 17. Cayuga R17 is available now from Qognify


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