RS2 Technologies Adds Mobile ID Functionality to its Access It! Universal Platform

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RS2 Technologies announced the availability of free mobile credentials for its innovation-rich platforms, such as Access It! Universal.NET, through its partnership with WaveLynx Technologies. The partnership allows RS2 to provide its customers with safe and secure access via mobile phone to doors in office buildings, government facilities, healthcare institutions, schools, residences and a growing number of enterprises.   

Available on both iOS and Android smartphones, the mobile credentials are easy to issue and use to grant and restrict access to users and visitors without having to issue key cards or fobs. The WaveLynx Technologies integration with Access It! Universal.NET allows a seamless and touchless enrollment into the access control system.  

The application does not require any subscriptions or fees, making it an extremely flexible and affordable solution that allows organizations to transition to mobile access at their own pace. 

“Adding the capabilities of the WaveLynx credentials provides RS2 customers with another way to grant access across a variety of enterprise organizations that prioritize functionality and ease-of-use for their access control systems,” said Jeff Bransfield, National Sales Manager, RS2 Technologies.

“The use of our mobile devices as a means to access a facility is growing in popularity and the team at WaveLynx has brought that ability to RS2’s customers with its level of accessibility that we haven’t seen before. As this demand for touchless access and streamlined credential issuance grows in popularity, there will be a real opportunity across the market to adopt mobile-based credentials for a broader audience.”  

The comprehensive access control solutions from RS2 Technologies provide security, resilience, and reliability for a wide variety of organizations. Powered by intuitive technologies, expert engineering, and a commitment to service, RS2 delivers industry-leading systems that are cost-efficient and innovative.


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