SENTELLIGENCEone Developing Market Disruptive Smart Ambient Air Monitor


SENTELLIGENCEone announces the company is in the final development stages of a Smart Ambient Air Monitor, or SAAM.

The SENTELLIGENCEone SAAM technology will have Artificial Intelligence and communicate via a smart device to notify users of a potential catastrophic event.

“SENTELLIGENCEone’s SAAM will be unlike any air monitoring system currently available in the market today,” stated Rob Qualls, CEO of SENTELLIGENCEone.

According to Qualls, “SAAM will be a low-cost system for the home, commercial applications, first responders, and government agencies, measuring up to 16-gases and Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs.”

Dr. Erik Deutsch, SENTELLIGENCEone’s Chief Technology Officer added, “SAAM is a novel, proprietary technology that will be completely adaptable to its environment, application, and can be specified by the customer.”

According to Dr. Deutsch, “we have tested the technology in harsh applications and SAAM met or exceeded expectations, we are now moving into the production-prototype stage.”

Qualls stated, “The consumer product will measure CO, CO2, hydrocarbons, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), at an affordable cost, providing early warnings via a smart device.” Qualls added, “The commercial SAAM will measure up to 16 trace elements of toxic gases, either by accident or deliberate action, allowing for immediate action.”

SENTELLIGENCEone is a scientific instrument company currently in development of safety and security devices, including a Smart Ambient Air Monitor, counterfeit or contaminated food, beverage and pharmaceutical devices using a novel and proprietary technology.

SENTELLIGENCEone instruments will be affordable, robust, and smart instruments using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) for monitoring and historical data.


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