Sentry Security Launches Human Temp Scanner for Schools

Sentry Live HT

Sentry Live HT will help schools and businesses open safely during COVID-19 and beyond.

Sentry Security Solutions now offers Human Temperature Scanners. This product line is designed for quick and easy deployment at scale across school campuses, businesses, and other commercial applications.

Campus and Workplace Protection during COVID 19 requires new technology like Sentry Live HT thermal imaging. The solution is currently being utilized for hospitals, corporate campuses, airports, retail stores, train stations, event centers, grocery chains, schools, universities and restaurants.

The technology is being deployed as a key mitigation tool to help school districts and its officials keep children and employees safe. Sentry Live HT provides temperature readings in real-time without close contact.

The technology immediately informs workplace planners and school officials of abnormal temperatures allowing them to initiate procedures without having contact with an individual.

“We are seeing a growing number of school districts and businesses who are looking for an easy-to-implement and effective technology to help them with the challenges of COVID-19,” said Nick McAmis, CEO of Sentry Security Solutions.

“Today, our technology is helping enhance workforce and campus safety planning while supporting physical distancing policies. The back end data our solution provides can also assist in campus safety by utilizing our facial recognition feature.”

The Benefits of Sentry Live HT are easy to see in Real-time

  • High Accuracy
  • + 1º F variance
  • High Efficiency
  • Non-contact temperature detection
  • Long-distance, wide coverage
  • Automatic early warning mechanism

Strong Adaptability

  • Applied to small and large scenes 

Dating Back

  • Realize the historical data backtracking and data analysis

Sentry specializes in commercial and residential security and understands how important it is to families and businesses alike. They promise to provide a custom solution to fit your needs, stress-free installation and ongoing customer support.


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