Sielox Demonstrates Integration With Allegion To Provide Wireless Control And Monitoring For K-12 Applications At GSX 2018

Sielox LLC and Allegion have partnered to provide a unique and powerful solution designed to increase perimeter security at K-12 schools.

Utilizing the Sielox Pinnacle Access Control Platform and 1700 Intelligent Controllers, K-12 schools can seamlessly integrate the Remote Undogging (RU) and Remote Monitoring (RM) options available with Allegion’s Von Duprin® and Schlage® wireless locks from a centralized location, reducing overall costs for additional network cabling while increasing overall situational awareness and security with comprehensive lockdown capabilities.

“Through our integration with Allegion, we have further enhanced our layered approach for school security and emergency notification by extending the power of our Pinnacle Access Control Platform to provide wireless control and monitoring of entry and egress points at the perimeter,” said Karen Evans, CEO and President, Sielox.

Allegion’s Von Duprin RU retrofit kit for exit devices is a cost-effective solution for secondary entry/egress points in K-12 schools that enables remote undogging for centralized lock down and door status monitoring with integrated request to exit (RX), latch bolt (LX) and door position switch (DPS) signaling capabilities.

The RU connects via BLE to the ENGAGE Gateway, providing real-time, bi-directional communication to the Sielox Pinnacle Access Control Platform and 1700 Intelligent Controllers.

RU is a modular battery-powered kit that can be added on to existing 98/99 and 33A/35A series devices.

The Allegion Von Duprin RM retrofit kit is the sensor-only configuration for exit-only or fire-rated doors that require monitoring. It provides visibility to door status with the same RX, LX and DPS signals as the RU, without the centralized lockdown component.

Sielox Pinnacle Access Control Platform offers numerous advanced capabilities to provide users with greater control over their facilities’ security with maximum flexibility to address current needs and the scalability to address future requirements.

Pinnacle is available in several configurations that can be specifically tailored to the needs of any size business or facility, or integrated in a layered systems model.

Sielox’s 1700 Intelligent Controller “no end of life” design utilizes 32-bit technology with real-time operations to deliver exceptional speed, performance and reliability.

For uncompromised security, the 1700 is an intelligent fully-distributed controller ensuring decisions even if communications have been interrupted.

Support for industry standard reader types and technologies include: FIPS 201(PIV), CAC, Wiegand, card and pin, proximity, biometric, smart card, magnetic stripe and barcode.

Sielox is featuring the integration at GSX 2018 in booth #3914. Additionally, the Von Duprin RU and RM options will be included Allegion’s GSX 2018 booth (#3715).

Sielox has designed and marketed intuitive security management systems through select business partners to commercial, education, financial, government, utilities, retail and healthcare markets.

Allegion is a global pioneer in safety and security, with leading brands like CISA®, Interflex®, LCN®, Schlage®, SimonsVoss® and Von Duprin®.


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