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Silvertrac Software announced the launch of Thinkcurity – an online learning and networking community for the private security industry —has released multimedia content on the Silvertrac website since August 2019— garnering over 20,000 views over 9 months.

The launch of a Thinkcurity website marks an unprecedented shift in the industry to make collaboration and business development more accessible and affordable than ever.

Because of the expertise of both the Silvertrac and Trackforce Valiant brands, will cover every aspect of running a contract security operation – including small business security operations, enterprise-level security, contract security, in-house security operations, and back-office management.

Thinkcurity will continue to publish content through 3 primary media channels – webinars, articles, and downloadable resources. Webinars engage the audience through lively guest speakers and include a live Q&A to encourage direct communication between thought leaders and industry professionals.

Articles are published weekly and cover a wide range of topics relevant to private and contract security. Downloadable resources like ebooks and white papers are made available to help industry professionals grow – even when they’re not on the Thinkcurity website.

“We are launching as a collaborative effort to provide a central hub of information focused on the needs of the private security industry through thought leadership, business development, and networking opportunities,” said George Wright, CEO of Trackforce Valiant.

“By connecting security officers, supervisors, managers & business owners to the information and advice they need to innovate and advance within the industry, we are proactively improving the impact of the security industry on the world.”

Trackforce Valiant has provided fully integrated security solutions to its partners and customers. Thanks to its security expertise and state-of-the-art information systems technology, Trackforce Valiant proudly offers the most effective solutions available on the market.

Silvertrac Software is a Security Guard Management & Incident Reporting System that is designed to simplify small business security operations.


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