SmartMetric Says the Time Has Come for Biometric Protected Credit and Debit Cards

SmartMetric, Inc.

40 Million Credit and Debit Cards Have Passwords and CVC’s Along With Names and Card Numbers Stolen From Target Stores in U.S.A.

SmartMetric, Inc. ( OTCQB : SMME ) — President & CEO Chaya Hendrick said the SmartMetric biometric card with a self powered in card fingerprint reader is a technology solution using the power of biometrics to protect the public and merchant alike from credit card fraud. She said SmartMetric has been approached from financial institutions from around the world looking at a better solution to the vulnerable pin dependant cards.

The gigantic criminal theft of over 40 million credit cards information over the past few days from just one retailer shows how vulnerable the existing card payment system is and the time has come for a better card solution.

The biometric payment card from SmartMetric uses a person’s fingerprint to activate the card and stores card information encrypted inside the card’s internal electronics. […]