Sony, Bosch Security Partner For Video Security Solutions


Sony Corporation signed a partnership agreement with Bosch Security Systems, under which the two companies will pool their resources for the development of pioneering products and solutions in the field of video security applications.

The partnership effectively begins in early 2017 and is subject to approval by the antitrust authorities.

The partnership will integrate Sony’s unique imaging technologies, such as high resolution solutions like 4K and terrific light sensitivity, with Bosch’s state-of-the-art video analytics and bitrate management. Bosch’s technology will help interpret data as well as achieve highly efficient bitrates with minimum storage requirements.

Their combined technological capabilities in video surveillance will enable the companies to create solutions that deliver optimum image quality in all lighting conditions, in addition to superior video analytics and bitrate performance. Thus, this will set new standards in high-resolution and low light video imaging.

As part of the deal, the sales and marketing organization of Bosch Security Systems will serve and support Sony’s video security customers in all markets except Japan.

Changing market dynamics of the global video surveillance equipment market have intensified competition in the same, and this deal will enable Sony and Bosch to pool technology and resources, in addition to offering greater access to foreign markets.

Going forward, we expect Sony to continue shifting gears in its growth plans, reflecting changing trends of the fast-evolving industry.

Sony has been recently facing pressure owing to weaknesses in a number of its businesses, which is anticipated to hurt its financials in the near term. Factors like cutthroat competition and weakness in cameras and image sensor business add to the company’s challenges.

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