Strategic Innovations Unveils eDOR And eBOX To Eliminate Theft And Porch Piracy

Strategic Innovations recently introduced two prototype devices: the eDOR® and eBOX®. Both are designed to address nearly all issues related to parcel and package pickups and deliveries experienced by an ever-growing eCommerce industry.

The eDOR and eBOX can be installed at a central hub, commercial and office applications, at a private residence, and even remote locations.


The eDOR and eBOX are smart “Internet of things” inventions with platforms created to utilize Amazon Alexa API while also being completely wireless. Powered by lithium ion inductive-charging battery technology, the eBOX automatically expands once an eKEY is utilized to open its exterior compartment. This allows all types of packages, parcel deliveries and pickups to occur in a safe and secure environment – 24/7.


The eDOR® and eBOX® come with automatic GPS location and automatic mobile positioning technology that registers smartphone/device users who access or get near the equipment. There are multiple other upgrades available to the basic eDOR and eBOX as well, such as two-way audio and video communication, smart door locks, and another Strategic Innovations invention called the eTETHR® – an electronic tethering system that safely secures and alarms all deliveries too large or bulky to fit into an eDOR or an eBOX. The eDOR and eBOX system can even accommodate grocery deliveries, with hot/cold eBOX temperature upgrades available.


Theft costs to internet consumers and businesses topped $6 billion in losses during 2017. The global retail eCommerce industry represented over $2.3 trillion in sales in 2017, with predictions expected to exceed $4.5 trillion by 2021.

Theft and Porch Piracy are problems that are not going away any time soon. Until now, these issues have been inadequately addressed by the eCommerce industry. Strategic Innovations is seeking industry leading strategic partners to participate in their go-to-market product launch.

Strategic Innovations is a group of creative genius types who love inventing products and brands, while creating success through innovative ideas and solutions.


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