Surveon 3-Megapixel HD Cameras Secure Southern Taiwan City

To ensure the protection of citizens, city surveillance is the most direct and productive method for any government. However, due to a large geographic coverage with thousands of cameras, the installation, integration, stability and reliability issues are very difficult to overcome.

Surveon has completed a professional project with 3,000 IP-camera installations and fulfilled requirements of high stability, reliability and an extremely low rate on the return merchandise authorization(RMA).

CUSTOMER: A major city in Southern Taiwan planned to upgrade its inner city surveillance system to provide safety and security for its population of 2.8 million in 38 districts. The project would include upgrading to megapixel solutions that can be fully integrated with the control center, branches, sub-station junctions and the existing IT infrastructure.

CHALLENGES: High Reliability To maintain a project with 3,000 cameras spreading across the city is not an easy task; any RMA is costly for the SI and inconvenience for the customer.

Especially many cameras are installed in the intersections and at higher points, it time-consuming and more resources required to evaluate the situation and conduct the repairs.

Wide Monitoring Area – The widely distributed network areas, scalable architecture and maintenance issues were the challenges the SI first faced in this project. Environmental factors such as heat, humidity, and temperature changes were also obstacles to overcome.

Complex Lighting Conditions – Every corner is required to be monitored at all times to protect people, prevent potential security threats and provide evidence whenever needed. However lighting changes can affect the camera performance. […]

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