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Surveon Protects Cities With High Reliability Solutions

As a number of terrorist attacks had taken place around the world these days, city surveillance has become a crucial issue with top priority facing by local and central governments. Surveon city solutions provide product lines including high reliability cameras with excellent image quality, feature-rich VMS with video analytics function, and RAID NVR with large storage capacity for 365+ days non-stopping recording. These comprehensive solutions help governments to build good foundations to improve social order, crack down on crimes, and protect citizens from horrible attacks.

Pelco Showcases Strategic Surveillance Solutions At Intersec 2017

Pelco by Schneider Electric, a global leader in surveillance and security products and technologies, is showcasing several of its latest solutions designed to address the challenges of vertical markets in the Middle East region at Intersec 2017. From the company’s powerful open platform VMS control and integration platform to explosion-proof HD cameras and new advancements in IP megapixel imaging, visitors to the Pelco booth (Stand #K24, Hall S1) will find the specific solutions they need to best secure their unique environments.

Security Camera Registration Program Launched in Beaverton (Ore.)

Police in Beaverton (Ore.) have launched a security camera registration initiative here in an effort to fight crime, including acts of terrorism. “Surveillance video is huge,” Beaverton Police Officer Jeremy Shaw told KATU News about the potential for surveillance video to help solve crimes and find suspects. “I mean it puts those people at that […]

Iowa City Police Eye More Video Surveillance

A day after showing the evidence that led them to disprove a University of Iowa student’s account of an alleged hate crime, Iowa City police are voicing support for more street cameras in and around the downtown district. Iowa City’s pedestrian mall and adjacent areas have some street-view and sidewalk-view cameras thanks to private businesses and the Iowa City Downtown District organization. But Iowa City police Capt. Troy Kelsay said investigators would like to see more that produce quality footage and more in general —especially some owned by the city— as video evidence is becoming increasingly paramount in criminal investigations.

Eight Cities Video-Linked With Milestone Ring of Protection

Open platform IP video management software (VMS) from world-leading provider Milestone Systems is improving safety and public services in eight cities around Minnesota’s largest metropolis. Minneapolis/St. Paul is the most populous area in the state with a sprawl of more than 3,000,000 people. Eight cities here covering more than 200 square miles have formed a valuable circle of relationships by connecting their video surveillance to protect citizens and quickly resolve incidents that can cross between their borders.

Unwiring City Wide Video Surveillance

Coupled with the steep growth of population, ever increasing area of a city, and the severely outnumbered police and security officials, a city not only becomes a near impossible task to “watch over” but also cost-prohibitive to man every corner and street of a city. Eventually making the city unsafe for its residents and susceptible […]

Mayor’s Proposal Would Add 3.7 Miles Of Surveillance Cameras In Evanston IL

Cameras would stretch along the entire length of Dodge Avenue and most of Church Street, in order to provide a safe route for kids to walk to school, according to the mayor. A map shows the location of the proposed surveillance cameras. Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl is recommending that the city add a total of 3.7 miles of surveillance cameras along Church Street and Dodge Avenue. After a resolution to create a “safe school zone” and extend policing powers around Evanston Township High School failed to pass city council , Tisdahl’s proposal is designed to provide an alternative measure to enhance safety for children walking to and from the high school.  Speaking before city council members Monday, Tisdahl said that students would have fights on school grounds or across the street if they wanted it to be stopped, but if they didn’t want police or school security officers to step in, they would move the fight a few blocks from the high school.  To stay up to date on this and other Evanston news,  sign up for our free newsletter , like  us on Facebook  and  follow us on Twitter . “I certainly think we owe our students a safe route in and out of high school,” she said.  Under the mayor’s proposal, police would add surveillance cameras along the entire 2.5-mile stretch of Dodge Avenue from Simpson to Howard streets, and along a 1.2-mile stretch of Church Street from city limits at McCormick Boulevard to Ridge Avenue. Cameras […]

Small-Town Big Brother: Bunnell FL Eying Slew Of Spy Cameras In City’s South Side

FlaglerLive | February 8, 2011 magritte-false-mirror Magritte’s ‘False Mirror’ (1928) Bunnell city commissioners favor installing eight surveillance cameras at various locations in the city’s south and overwhelmingly black side. One camera would be reserved for the area around the First United Methodist Church and Bank of America downtown, where the homeless gather when the cold-weather shelter there is open. Commissioners are looking at surveillance cameras as a crime deterrent in drug-ridden zones, and as a way to expand the reach of the city police department, which is short-staffed: police officers would be able to conduct surveillance and zoom in and out on license plates, people’s faces or activity in streets or possibly through windows from their laptops, their desks or, conceivably—if they have the proper sign-ons—any computer. The cameras would be equipped with 220x zoom capability. “We have the whole south side, the whole infested area, under surveillance with these eight cameras,” Bunnell Police Chief Arthur Jones said. Four of five Bunnell city commission members conceptually approved of video surveillance in a meeting Monday evening. (They didn’t vote: it was a workshop where voting is not allowed.) They didn’t question whether the system should be in place, but how, and to what extent, it should be installed, considering the costs. Commissioner Elbert Tucker ridiculed the notion that drug dealers wouldn’t quickly adapt, and move out of sight of the cameras without leaving the area to do their business, since the cameras don’t by any means blanket the whole south […]

Columbia SC City Council Propose Hundreds Of Security Cameras Throughout City

Some 400 more security cameras would be installed throughout Columbia next year if a proposal discussed Tuesday by City Council is implemented. The cameras would be at roughly 100 locations – four cameras per location, assistant city manager Missy Gentry told council Tuesday afternoon in a workshop session. “This will be a significant change from what we’ve done in the past,” Gentry told council members. The city already has security cameras in city facilities and in a limited number of public places. And the Five Points restaurant and bar area is saturated with some 200 security cameras financed in large part by the Five Points Association, a group of local business owners. Video from those cameras is made available to law enforcement, which has used them to solve major violent crimes. “The whole focus (of the new cameras) will be on capturing everything, vehicle-wise and pedestrian-wise, that’s coming into the city, mostly on the main arteries,” interim police chief Ruben Santiago told council. “But we want to be very mindful that they aren’t in a neighborhood pointing at someone’s house,” he said. Gentry said the city will own the data from the cameras, but will not own the cameras themselves. The camera operator will keep the video from the cameras, which will be active continuously, for 45 days. During that time, police can retrieve video from a specific time and place if need be. Current plans call for signs to be placed near the cameras warning people the area […]

Surveon 3-Megapixel HD Cameras Secure Southern Taiwan City

Source: Surveon | Date: 11/08/2013 Related tags: Surveon , NVR , WDR To ensure the protection of citizens, city surveillance is the most direct and productive method for any government. However, due to a large geographic coverage with thousands of cameras, the installation, integration, stability and reliability issues are very difficult to overcome. Surveon has completed a professional project with 3,000 IP camera installations and fulfilled requirements of high stability, reliability and an extremely low rate on the return merchandise authorization(RMA). Customer A major city in Southern Taiwan planned to upgrade its inner city surveillance system to provide safety and security for its population of 2.8 million in 38 districts. The project would include upgrading to megapixel solutions that can be fully integrated with the control center, branches, sub-station junctions and the existing IT infrastructure. CHALLENGES High Reliability To maintain a project with 3,000 cameras spreading across the city is not an easy task; any RMA is costly for the SI and inconvenience for the customer. Especially many cameras are installed in the intersections and at higher points, it time-consuming and more resources required to evaluate the situation and conduct the repairs. Wide Monitoring Area The widely distributed network areas, scalable architecture and maintenance issues were the challenges the SI first faced in this project. Environmental factors such as heat, humidity, and temperature changes were also obstacles to overcome. Complex Lighting Conditions Every corner is required to be monitored at all times to protect people, prevent potential security threats […]