Surveon Protects Cities With High Reliability Solutions

Surveon City Solution

As a number of terrorist attacks had taken place around the world these days, city surveillance has become a crucial issue with top priority facing by local and central governments.

Surveon city solutions provide product lines including high reliability cameras with excellent image quality, feature-rich VMS with video analytics function, and RAID NVR with large storage capacity for 365+ days non-stopping recording.

These comprehensive solutions help governments to build good foundations to improve social order, crack down on crimes, and protect citizens from horrible attacks.

Generally speaking, the governments might encounter some major challenges when designing a suitable surveillance system, such as heat, humidity, and temperature changes in outdoor environment. Under such circumstances, Surveon provides cameras with excellent image quality and lowest RMA rate to handle all kinds of outdoor condition.

“Surveon’s industrial designed and 100% own manufactured cameras have made us feel confident about this project. The cameras are now being used for a few years with an average failure rate of less than 0.03% which is really impressive.” said Chan, the surveillance project manager of Kaohsiung.

RAID NVR for 365+ Days Non-stopping Recording

Surveon NVR

The data retention of recorded video is particularly important to the planning and acceptance of city projects. Surveon NVRs provide large capacities for 365+ days non-stopping recording, extended IP storage, and RAID function for zero video loss.

Feature-rich VMS for Robust Performance

In addition, Surveon intuitive VMS offers features such as video analytics, offering police units powerful yet easy to use solutions for city surveillance. By paired with Surveon enterprise VMS, the solutions provide robust prevention, preparedness, detection, and quick response measures.

Surveon City Solution

Surveon city solutions have been successfully applied in some major cities in Taiwan and Mongolia. “With Surveon’s E2E solutions, from 3 megapixel IP66 cameras, hardware RAID NVR, clustered storage, to enterprise VMS, we are now better equipped to monitor the entire district and protect the community against illegal activities.” said the Sükhbaatar district police officer in Mongolia.

Surveon Technology offers end-to-end network video surveillance solutions that showcase our expertise in professional camera design, RAID NVR, high-availability video storage, embedded firmware and video management software.