illegal dumping

New Orleans Uses Genetec Security Center to Catch Illegal Dumping in Real-time

Genetec Inc announced that City Council District E in New Orleans has taken an innovative approach to address illegal dumping using Security Center, the unified security platform from Genetec. Illegal dumping is a problem in most cities around the world but enforcing laws to prevent it can be quite difficult and resource-intensive. To catch culprits in the act, law enforcement or other city staff have to physically watch known sites and wait to spot illegal dumping activity.

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Donates Surveillance Cameras To City Of Pittsburgh

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful said they have donated high-tech surveillance cameras to the City of Pittsburgh to support enhanced enforcement efforts surrounding the act of illegal dumping within the City limits. The high quality, motion activated, covert security cameras provide instant wireless transmission of site activity, photo documentation of license plates at speeds of up to […]

Security Cameras Go Up In Clarenville

Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada: The Town of Clarenville has installed surveillance cameras to stop illegal dumping and vandalism of public places, and Bonavista is considering doing the same. Clarenville recently bought two security cameras for what chief administrative officer Bob Hiscock estimates to be about $300 each, and they plan to buy a third. […]