Abloy Oy

Turning Electric Locks Mobile – unveiling the ABLOY Keyless Access Controller

Abloy Oy and ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions announced their jointly developed, new ABLOY Keyless Access Controller. With the controller, businesses can upgrade their doors to be keyless: making most electric locks and other electronic door locking devices work with a digital key on a mobile app instead of a physical credential. The controller not only works with ABLOY products but also with hardware of any brand using compatible wiring.

Abloy Unveils Keyless Padlock with Removable Shackle

Abloy Oy unveiled a digital, keyless padlock with a removable shackle. The new lock is the latest addition to the ABLOY BEAT product family and to ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions’ digital portfolio for critical infrastructure. All products in the BEAT range are designed especially for professional physical protection of critical infrastructure, businesses and industry sites. While securing property, they also offer customers improved operational efficiency, reducing both logistics and costs. The solution is intended to be used in sectors like telecom, transportation, water and energy.

Abloy Introduces ABLOY CUMULUS a New Platform for Keyless Access

Abloy Oy announced ABLOY CUMULUS combining quality hardware products with secure access and management applications. It brings all the solutions together into a single ecosystem with a risk-free, integrated cloud service. The world is becoming keyless, access rights are going digital, and customers want everything to be integratable. Many property owners and managers are planning to switch to access management that is seamlessly location-independent, while securing all their keyless access points.