Introducing ABLOY CUMULUS Swing Handle: Keyless Access Solution for Business Optimisation

ABLOY to announce the launch of the innovative ABLOY CUMULUS Swing Handle for keyless access via smartphone. The handle is designed to meet the needs of professionals who safeguard our society’s vital services in various sectors, from commercial organisations to critical infrastructure. The Swing Handle has a wide array of applications. It can be used across numerous industries with needs ranging from telecom, fibre and electrical cabinets to server environments.

Abloy Introduces ABLOY CUMULUS a New Platform for Keyless Access

Abloy Oy announced ABLOY CUMULUS combining quality hardware products with secure access and management applications. It brings all the solutions together into a single ecosystem with a risk-free, integrated cloud service. The world is becoming keyless, access rights are going digital, and customers want everything to be integratable. Many property owners and managers are planning to switch to access management that is seamlessly location-independent, while securing all their keyless access points.