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Bank of America Looks To Biometric ATMs In New Patent Application

biometric-atm November 15, 2013 –  The Bank of America has pushed through a patent application, which describes a biometric ATM system. Reported in ATM Marketplace , the patent was submitted to the USPTO in 2012, and published recently in 2013. Specifically, this patent application  outlines a system for authenticating users with a combination of a pin-code and fingerprint biometrics. The design of a biometric ATM and the patent application certainly isn’t very specific, and at this point it looks like the BofA is staking out some territory for development, and doesn’t want to leave much room for competition. “[A] fingerprint scanner for use in the systems and methods of the invention may use optical fingerprint imaging, ultrasonic sensors, capacitance sensors (passive or active) and/or any other suitable method to capture the digital image of a fingerprint,” is just an example of some of the unspecific language contained in this application. “Any suitable method for PIN validation and fingerprint validation may be used to validate the input PIN and fingerprints.” It’s been widely acknowledged that payment systems and ATMs are a coming wave for biometric integrations, and it’s interesting to see the BofA making a move. There are a few places where biometric ATMs are already a reality. Reported previously , the Central Bank of Nigeria has teamed up with Dermalog for biometric POS systems as well as for biometric ATMs. Likewise, in Kenya, Tracom Services has launched a new line of fingerprint ATMs in Nairobi.    Leave a Comment comments […]

Bank Of America Merrill Lynch Secures UK Operations With G4S

Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the UK has awarded security and outsourcing firm G4S a major contract to help protect its operations here. From December this year the three-year contract will see over 200 officers from G4S Secure Solutions protect six key sites for the bank, in a move that G4S says will form one of the company’s largest commercial UK contracts. Under the deal G4S staff will provide reception security, access control, patrolling, administration, CCTV operations and systems, intelligence and risk management at the six sites across the UK and Ireland, including its headquarters at King Edward Street, London. The UK deal will also see G4S provide “sophisticated technology-based security solutions”, said the bank, including handheld devices for G4S officers providing intelligence, reporting and monitoring. Other technology-enabled operations will include reporting procedures harmonised between the UK and the US, leading to a single global standard for the bank. The total value of the contract has not been disclosed. G4S already provides security solutions to over 3,000 Bank of America branches across the US and facilities across the world. G4S has just confirmed that the chief executive of its UK and Ireland business, Richard Morris , has resigned after 10 years at the company. He has been replaced by Eddie Aston, who was the company’s chief operating officer. Morris’ departure comes after a series of controversies surrounding G4S’s work on public contracts, including being accused of overcharging for them. And last year, a failure in an internal computer […]