EET Europarts

Healthcare Solution Wins Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest and USD 65,000

Milestone Systems named Roger Meyer, Managing Director of EET Europarts, the winner of the Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest 2019 during Milestone Community Days (MIPS) in Copenhagen. Innovators from 16 countries submitted ideas to the contest, and four made it to the final round at MIPS in Copenhagen. Here, they presented their ideas and prototypes. A judging committee and the partner community present voted for their favorite idea via an app, and the winner was announced during the MIPS gala dinner.

EET Europarts Saves Money With Iqinvision

16-12-2013 EET Europarts is relying on a combined Iqinvision-Milestone advanced IP video surveillance solution to document all transactions, improve customer service, and enhance overall productivity. With annual sales topping $250 million, EET Europarts is one of the largest distributors of IT products and parts to more than 24 countries in Europe. The 113,000 square foot (10,500 square metre) Logistics Center is located in Ballerup, Denmark, where the vast majority of shipments originate, and ships an average of 3,000 packages daily. A few years ago, EET’s management sought to improve operations by more effectively documenting for their customers that the correct products had been accurately packaged and sent. This would help reduce employee errors and provide an audit trail to more efficiently solve any packaging mistakes. Timely, accurate documentation of all shipments would also improve customer service and customer relationships, and cut costs that EET normally had to cover in the event of shipping error claims. The solution to EET Europarts’ challenges proved to be right under their noses, sitting on the shelves of the warehouse:  since 2009, the company had been a distributor of Iqinvision HD megapixel network cameras. The company chose to optimise their logistics processes with Iqeye network cameras for their excellent image quality and high reliability. Further, Iqeye cameras are quite easy to set up and operate. To view, record and export the video from the cameras, EET Europarts chose Xprotect from Milestone Systems, the global industry leader in open platform IP video management software. To […]