Fernando Pires

Morse Watchmans Features KeyWatcher Touch And AssetWatcher At NAFA 2018

Morse Watchmans, the established leader in fleet key control and asset management systems, is showcasing their KeyWatcher® Touch key management system at NAFA 2018 Institute and Expo in Anaheim. The company is also displaying AssetWatcher, the asset management solution that utilizes RFID technology along with their proven KeyWatcher interface and technology to manage and store valuable assets.

Morse Watchmans Features Flagship KeyWatcher Touch At ISC West

Morse Watchmans, the industry leader in key control and key management systems, is showcasing their KeyWatcher® Touch complete key management system at ISC West 2018 (booth #12109) in Las Vegas. KeyWatcher Touch utilizes a touch screen and Morse Watchmans’ patented SmartKey system with KeyAnywhere technology, making it simple to return a key to any key cabinet in an enterprise. Recent updates include a new database design, a desktop fingerprint reader that allows users to enroll fingerprints through TrueTouch software, and the ability to utilize multiple KeyWatcher Touch server instances with a single SQL database.

Morse Watchmans Locks It Down at CTX 2018

Morse Watchmans, is showcasing their KeyWatcher® Touch key management system at the Security and Counter Terrorism Expo this week in London. The company is also presenting AssetWatcher, their asset management solution which uses proven KeyWatcher technology to manage valuable assets. AssetWatcher is a flexible, scalable, and highly capable RFID-enabled locker system that supports more than 10,000 users on a single system and is configurable in three usage modes.

2016 Physical Security Industry Influencer: Fernando Pires, CEO, Morse Watchmans

The Security.World community voted during the summer of 2016 and selected the Physical Security and Video Surveillance industry’s Top 12 Influencers. This Profile is one in the series of 12 of those individuals that are making a difference in our industry. Congratulations to . We reached out to Tom to get his views and insight on what is happening in the physical security and video surveillance market. Read on to get his thoughts…