Greg Hamm

Delta’s Open House Equipment Demonstration Showcases Increasing Needs For Vehicle Access

Delta Scientific announced that, on March 7, over 70 leading security specialists met at Delta Scientific headquarters here to discuss the state of the vehicle access control market in North America. Security architects, engineers, specifiers, and consultants met to discuss vehicle access funding, safety act certification and product specification. These security specialists came together to view anti-terrorism portable systems, barriers, bollards, crash-rated gates and other solutions.

Delta Introduces New Portable Beam Barricade

Delta Scientific announced its new DSC1500 portable beam barricade that sets up quickly and temporarily to block vehicles. The new portable barricade secures locations during short-term events and anywhere a beam barricade is needed for interim security. With a clear opening of 16 feet, the DSC1500 is M30 certified, able to stop a 15,000 pound vehicle going 30 mph. The DSC1500 tows into position to control vehicle access within ten minutes.