Delta Scientific Barrier Stops Intruder at U.S./Mexican Border

Delta Scientific

Delta’s TT218EC Manual Beam Prevented Intruder from Crossing San Ysidro Port of Entry from Tijuana

Delta Scientific announced that a man from Santa Ana, Calif. attempted to cross from Tijuana into the United States via a closed lane at the San Ysidro Port of Entry south of San Diego on the afternoon of December 22 (2020). The Hyundai sedan struck a Delta Scientific TT218EC manual beam vehicle access barrier on the American side of the border. The driver was instantly killed.

“The motive for the driver’s intention is still under investigation,” reports Greg Hamm, Delta Scientific vice president of sales and marketing.

“He had already hit two people on the Mexican side of the border before crashing into the TT218EC, which is a high security horizontal swing barrier with a K4 crash rating that is typical of the quality and strength of a Delta Scientific made barrier.”

Beam barriers are the perfect solution for ingress and egress applications where you want to leave the roadway undisturbed. Delta cable and chain beam barriers are designed and used for both traffic control and high-security applications. The buttresses sit on either side of the road with only the beam perched above it.

These proven Delta barricade systems are deployed at government facilities, embassies, corporate headquarters, parking structures, nuclear power plants, and automotive sales lots. The TT218EC Beam Barricade Swing Gate is specifically used at locations where vertical lifts are impractical and provides clear opening ranges from 10.5 to 24 feet (3,200 mm to 7,315 mm).

It incorporates a heavy-duty, multi-stranded cable or chain within the boom profile, which is held securely at both ends when fully closed, offering a formidable traffic control barrier. The impact of a moving vehicle is transmitted to the boom-supporting pillars. The high-strength chain of the TT218EC will stop a non-armored or non-tracked vehicle weighing 15,000 pounds at 30 mph. 

Delta Scientific Corporation is the manufacturer of vehicle access control equipment. Delta’s three product lines consist of high-security vehicle barricade systems, parking control equipment, and guard booths.


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