Moving Toward An AI-Focused Security Team

When trying to combat today’s security risk landscape, there’s no time or budget to waste on a solution. A tragic incident can occur at any given moment and the frequency with which these events are occurring across the world is only increasing. Enterprise organizations demand security solutions that offer immediate and long-term results in a cost-effective and hassle-free manner.

Security Grade Protective Services Announces Latest Security Innovation; Total Accountability Program (T.A.P.)

With access to clientele’s current surveillance system, or one that Security Grade’s industry leading technicians’ installs, business owners can have peace of mind that there is another layer of protection keeping tabs on their property and even internal operations should a user so choose. Security Grade utilizes this program to ensure armed operators are not only providing the best protection possible with total accountability, but to modify their regimens and operating procedures to constantly improve security coverage of a business.