Dahua Technology to Release Upgraded IVSS to Explore More AI Functions

The Dahua Intelligent Video Surveillance Server, or simply IVSS, is positioned as a multiple intelligent algorithm server. With its strong computing power and flexibility, it offers multiple algorithm integration as well as innovative, efficient and accurate AI functions. The Dahua IVSS is equipped with general AI functions that benefit users with optimized monitoring capabilities. Aside from its Face Recognition’s Blocklist Alarm, VIP Recognition and Stranger Alarm, this series now features High Frequency Alarm that can recognize the frequency of targets in the monitored scene.

Dahua Launches Its First Deep-Learning Powered NVR IVSS

Dahua Technology, a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, officially launched its first deep-learning powered Network Video Recorder (NVR), offering advanced Artificial Intelligence features for a variety of applications. Dahua’s powerful Artificial Intelligence technology enables faster video content inquiry and rapid discovery of target objects. This opens up new possibilities for danger prevention, along with real-time alerts for the video surveillance industry.