Loren Hansen

Vector Flow’s AI-Enabled SOC Automation Suite Transforms System Data into Insights and Actions

Vector Flow breakthrough Security Operations Center (SOC) Automation Suite is proving to deliver significant results for enterprise customers across a range of physical security operations that have been plagued by longstanding challenges. The SOC Automation Suite includes three key AI-driven modules: SOC Alarm Reduction, SOC System Health and Predictive Maintenance, and SOC Operation Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These three modules provide complementary functionality that ties together physical security processes and automates time-consuming tasks to reduce costs, increase business value, and maintain compliance with measurable standards.

SOC Proven to Reduce False Alarms by 80% in a Few Weeks

Vector Flow announces that their Security Operations Center (SOC) Automation Suite is proven to reduce false and nuisance alarms by over 80% in real-world applications. This enormous reduction in false alarms not only dramatically improves SOC efficiency and productivity, it lets SOC operators focus on real alarms and provide improved services. Juniper Networks, deployed the SOC Automation Suite and noticed a significant drop in false alarms within the first 24 hours.