WiTTRA Achieves FCC Approval for Unified Gateway, Paving the Way for Mass IoT Deployments.

WiTTRA has reached a significant milestone with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granting approval for its Unified Gateway as a critical component for mass IoT deployments. This landmark approval solidifies WiTTRA’s position as a pioneering force in the IoT industry and establishes its Unified Gateway as the first mioty gateway to receive recognition from the FCC. The WiTTRA Unified Gateway serves as the cornerstone of network deployments, combining a 6LoWPAN mesh network with a mioty LPWAN radio.

WiTTRA Launches MIoTy Portal

WiTTRA announce the launch of their ‘MIoTy portal’, which supports WiTTRA’s Unified Gateway delivering open standards and hybrid network topology through a single technology deployment. The combination of WiTTRA’s 6LoWPAN mesh network with MIoTy LPWAN (low power wide area network) radios provides a high volume of on-site sensor and 3D location data, along with long-range connectivity options for wide area network coverage needed for mass IoT deployments. Each technology implements various spectrum spreading processes to ensure reliable data delivery even in the presence of radio interference.