WiTTRA Achieves FCC Approval for Unified Gateway, Paving the Way for Mass IoT Deployments.

WiTTRA has reached a significant milestone with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granting approval for its Unified Gateway as a critical component for mass IoT deployments. This landmark approval solidifies WiTTRA’s position as a pioneering force in the IoT industry and establishes its Unified Gateway as the first mioty gateway to receive recognition from the FCC. The WiTTRA Unified Gateway serves as the cornerstone of network deployments, combining a 6LoWPAN mesh network with a mioty LPWAN radio.

The Hidden Challenge Facing Thousands of Businesses

The Federal Communication said this in August 2019 in describing the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), also known as analog copper-wire phone lines or plain old telephone service (POTS). POTS is reaching retirement age after a very long run, starting on March 10, 1876, with Alexander Graham Bell famously barking, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you,” to his assistant. After almost 150 years, it’s no surprise that other technologies –primarily mobile networks and voice over internal protocol, or VoIP, phone service– have eliminated the need for POTS infrastructure.

Echodyne Announces Immediate Availability of EchoGuard High-Performance 3D Radar

Echodyne announces that it has received approval from the FCC for widespread deployment of its EchoGuard radar for radiolocation and radionavigation in the United States. The FCC equipment authorization allows the radar to be used throughout the United States for ground and airspace surveillance applications that detect and track potential security threats with high accuracy and for ground-based airspace management applications that ensure safe navigation of commercial drone missions.