Security Guards

Leading Security Guard Companies Looking To Buy Each Other

UK’s G4S, U.S.’s Allied Universal, and Canada’s GardaWorld are all in negotiations to buy one another. In the estimated US$244-billion global human security guard market, Allied Universal’s approximate US$4-billion acquisition of G4S is being rejected as “inadequate.” Allied Universal on Oct. 28 tabled a “highly conditional indicative offer” of at least 210 pence per share, subject to due diligence.

Need To Implement Security Guard And Managed Guarding In Pandemic Outbreaks

The Covid19 pandemic has produced an increase in the way security guard services operate with global inquiries rising rapidly as sites go into states of lockdown. Commercial IP and vital global infrastructures have seen a spike in use for competent professional security guarding hire that is able to minimize incursions onto sites while minimizing criminal activity. This drive is seen as good for business but has created a sub-set of problems, Mainly how we keep our manned guarding teams safe in such times of a pandemic.

Most Important Responsibilities Of A Security Guard

If security guards perform their duties well, they can successfully prevent loss and crime, as well as keep the people safe. However, all responsibilities mentioned in this article require certain qualities from a security guard, such as excellent communication skills, rationality, ability to lead, and to be part of the team. On the other hand, being a security officer usually calls for physical strength and fitness.

This Visionary Is Changing The Way Security Firms Work

As demand for security services grows globally—with the size of the industry projected to increase six percent annually over the next few years, reaching US$240 billion by 2020—the visionary behind Montreal tech startup TrackTik Software Inc is on a mission. He’s focused on giving organizations managing security guards worldwide the tools to run leaner and more responsive automated operations. In so doing, Simon Ferragne has changed the face of the security workforce management industry in just five short years.