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Need To Implement Security Guard And Managed Guarding In Pandemic Outbreaks

The Covid19 pandemic has produced an increase in the way security guard services operate with global inquiries rising rapidly as sites go into states of lockdown. Commercial IP and vital global infrastructures have seen a spike in use for competent professional security guarding hire that is able to minimize incursions onto sites while minimizing criminal activity. This drive is seen as good for business but has created a sub-set of problems, Mainly how we keep our manned guarding teams safe in such times of a pandemic.

Most Important Responsibilities Of A Security Guard

If security guards perform their duties well, they can successfully prevent loss and crime, as well as keep the people safe. However, all responsibilities mentioned in this article require certain qualities from a security guard, such as excellent communication skills, rationality, ability to lead, and to be part of the team. On the other hand, being a security officer usually calls for physical strength and fitness.

North Attleboro Is Setting the Standard for School Safety in Massachusetts.

The Town of North Attleboro is setting the standard for school safety in Massachusetts. Since the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy, the Town has identified school safety as an utmost priority, and accordingly engaged in a multi-year process to improve school safety. The Town school safety program, which includes the Interim Town Administrator, Police and Fire Departments, and the School Superintendent, is an ongoing program to implement best practices into school safety.

Cloud Security Alliance Survey Finds IT Professionals Underestimating How Many Cloud Apps Exist in Business Environment

CSA Congress 2014 – In what could be called a tale of perception versus reality, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) today released the results of a new survey that found a significant difference between the number of cloud-based applications IT and security professionals believe to be running in their environments and the number reported by cloud application vendors.

MetLife Stadium Wins National Security Award By NCS4

MetLife Stadium officials report that the stadium recently was presented with the “2014 Facility of Merit for Safety and Security Award” by the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) at The University of Southern Mississippi. The National Football League nominated the stadium for its achievements in security. This is the stadium’s second […]

Cloud Security Alliance Releases New Cloud Controls Matrix And Consensus Assessments Initiatives Questionnaire

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced the release of significant updates to two de facto industry standards, the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) Version v3.0.1 and the Consensus Assessments Initiatives Questionnaire (CAIQ) v3.0.1. With the updates, the CSA has completed a major milestone in the alignment between the Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in […]

Civil Liberties Groups Reject IBIA Biometric “Best Practices” Recommendations

The International Biometrics and Identification Association (IBIA) recently issued a “best practices” document listing numerous recommendations on how to best deploy biometric technology for commercial situations. The IBIA is participating in the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) effort to develop a voluntary code of conduct that specifies how the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights […]

HID Global Security Survey And Infographic Reveal Attitudes About Best Practices For Physical Access Control

A significant majority of survey respondents acknowledge the importance of top technology and policy best practices, yet far fewer say they are implementing them well – or at all. HID Global, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, released an infographic illustrating the results of a survey it conducted on physical access control. The survey […]

HID Global Infographic Reveals Attitudes About Best Practices For Physical Access Control

HID Global®, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, recently released an infographic illustrating the results of a survey it conducted on physical access control. The survey of 600 respondents revealed enterprise end users’ perceptions about change and the importance of industry best practices, and how well today’s technology and policy best practices are being […]