Cyberattacks: 59% Of Survey Respondents Say Laptops Are Most Vulnerable Devices

Following a first survey from December 2016, ReportLinker conducted a new research on cybersecurity to find out if opinions and attitudes towards this threat have shifted since last year. Many Americans don’t feel they personally are at much risk of a cyberattack, they are however a large majority to think cyberattacks are becoming more a threat now.

Corporations Still Unprepared For Emergency Situations

As security and employee safety remain at risk, unpreparedness is still affecting many corporations according to the Trends in Corporate Security survey from Rave Mobile Safety. Rave, provider of critical communication and data platform solutions trusted to save lives, has released the findings of a corporate security survey. Completed anonymously by 150 managers in corporate safety and security, employee safety, physical plant security, IT security and business continuity, respondents identified factors driving corporate safety and security decision making. According to the data, even with growing awareness around risks in the workplace, there is a continued unpreparedness in corporate security.

You’re Not Alone If You Don’t Know Much About Cybersecurity

The Pew Research Center conducted a survey to discover what Americans know about personal cybersecurity. The results are troubling. Most people know very little which makes them vulnerable when they go online. The Pew survey was designed to paint a broad picture of general knowledge about cybersecurity but it is also an excellent tool for discovering possible weak points in your own internet protection. If you take the survey, the questions you don’t answer correctly tell you what you need to learn to increase your online safety. Pew’s survey was composed of 13 multiple choice questions. Only four questions were answered correctly by more than 50% of the respondents and only 1% of the respondents got all the answers right.

Video Surveillance Technology To Have Biggest Impact On Security Businesses in 2017, Capital One Survey Finds

A Capital One survey found that more than half (52 percent) of security professionals see video surveillance as the technology trend that will have the biggest impact on their businesses in the coming year – a significant increase from 2015 when only 23 percent of respondents answered similarly. Growth of interconnected devices (the “Internet of Things”) was cited as the next most significant trend at 28 percent.

Accenture Survey Reveals Perception Of Video Analytics And Facial Recognition

Accenture’s Digital Pulse survey recently asked citizens to weigh in on the top-three ways that government can keep citizens safe at public events such as parades, political conventions or concerts. The survey asked whether government should monitor social media for potential threats, increase government and police collaboration, or use facial recognition and video analytic technology to thwart attacks.