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Adapting Military Strategy for Corporate Security: The Veteran’s Approach

Transitioning from military to civilian life is a journey of transformation. For many veterans, this journey leads to the corporate world, particularly in the realm of corporate security. The skills and experiences they bring from their military service are not just applicable but often revolutionary in this field. In this exploration, we delve into how veterans are adapting their military strategy for the betterment of corporate security.

Corporations Still Unprepared For Emergency Situations

As security and employee safety remain at risk, unpreparedness is still affecting many corporations according to the Trends in Corporate Security survey from Rave Mobile Safety. Rave, provider of critical communication and data platform solutions trusted to save lives, has released the findings of a corporate security survey. Completed anonymously by 150 managers in corporate safety and security, employee safety, physical plant security, IT security and business continuity, respondents identified factors driving corporate safety and security decision making. According to the data, even with growing awareness around risks in the workplace, there is a continued unpreparedness in corporate security.

Cloud Security, IT Security, Cybersecurity: How To Move IT To The Board Room

Innovations in cloud technology have begun to filter across industries, while cybersecurity remains a pressing and timely issue in this era of hacking. While the topic of cloud security may have a lower budget priority to I.T. organizations than overall IT security, the convergence of topics is here to stay. Since the overarching trend of outsourcing to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) for specific applications, platform services, or infrastructure has become commonplace, the intersection of cloud security and organizational security has merged. I would argue that the intersection of cloud and enterprise/IT security has become a vital component of a company’s overall cybersecurity posture, and as such, requires careful monitoring.