Cloud Security, IT Security, Cybersecurity: How To Move IT To The Board Room

Innovations in cloud technology have begun to filter across industries, while cybersecurity remains a pressing and timely issue in this era of hacking. While the topic of cloud security may have a lower budget priority to I.T. organizations than overall IT security, the convergence of topics is here to stay. Since the overarching trend of outsourcing to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) for specific applications, platform services, or infrastructure has become commonplace, the intersection of cloud security and organizational security has merged. I would argue that the intersection of cloud and enterprise/IT security has become a vital component of a company’s overall cybersecurity posture, and as such, requires careful monitoring.

Xtralis Introduces ADPRO XOa 3, the First Convergence Software Platform With Security, Safety, Business Intelligence, and Building Management Services

Xtralis® released the ADPRO® XOa™ 3 SecurityPlus Remotely Programmable Operating System for FastTrace™ 2 Series Remotely Managed Multi-service Gateways (RMG). Xtralis is renowned for its best-in-class early and reliable detection, automatic remote visual verification through any network condition, and remote multi-level response, which vastly improves guarding services at significantly lower costs or enables the replacement of human guards while avoiding the unnecessary dispatch of first responders.

The Convergence Of IT Security And Physical Access Control

As technology continues to revolutionize the security industry, the fields of IT and physical access control have begun to converge now more than ever. There is increasing demand for access control systems that operate utilizing a single card or smartphone, requiring strong authentication to protect access to physical as well as IT-related resources. It seems […]

Security Convergence 2.0

In 2008, when I went to my first security tradeshow "convergence" was the big buzzword in the security industry as to the pending change-over from analog-based systems to IP-based systems. Within a couple of years, the buzz pretty much died down. Now, in 2014, it has popped up again. However, in these following years the […]

University Library Converts To Vivotek IP-Cameras

The NCN University management in Taipei recently decided to replace their old analog system with an IP-camera system, adopting central management software (CMS) to perform centralised image management. The change was vital for providing a safe and convenient learning environment for students. The NCNU library, a well-equipped building with six floors, offers quiet and comfortable […]