Security engineering

PureTec Systems Announces New Patent for Video Analytics on PTZ Cameras

PureTech Systems Inc., an Arizona-based geospatial video analytics company, announced the issuance of a patent by the United States Patent Office – US Patent No 8,929,603 “Autonomous Lock-On Target Tracking with Geospatial-Aware PTZ Cameras.” The newly awarded patent addresses PureTech Systems’ technology growth in the area of utilizing video analytics on pan-tilt-zoom cameras whether stationary or on a mobile platform.

The Convergence Of IT Security And Physical Access Control

As technology continues to revolutionize the security industry, the fields of IT and physical access control have begun to converge now more than ever. There is increasing demand for access control systems that operate utilizing a single card or smartphone, requiring strong authentication to protect access to physical as well as IT-related resources. It seems […]