Threat Lens

Threat Lens 2019 Annual Forecast

The great power competition will cause China and Russia to intensify their industrial espionage efforts while the United States increases its efforts to stop them. Aggressive Iranian actions indirectly affecting, or directly targeting, its rivals’ civilians and companies will intensify as U.S.-Iranian tensions rise. More investigations, more regulations and higher ceilings on penalties—and an unprecedented cyberthreat from the West’s geopolitical rivals—will drive an increase in the number and size of penalties for organizations that suffer data breaches.

Stratfor Threat Lens Announces Technology Advancements

Stratford announced new advancements, accolades, and increased demand for Stratfor Threat Lens™, one-year after launching the personalized, protective intelligence solution for businesses, security professionals, and global organizations. The company can highlight how Threat Lens helps corporate security leaders mitigate risks that emerging threats pose to their people, assets, and interests around the world.