Stratfor Threat Lens Announces Technology Advancements

Platform innovations, including a forthcoming API release and quick response Intelligence Update feature, to be showcased at ASIS 2017

Stratford announced new advancements, accolades, and increased demand for Stratfor Threat Lens™, one-year after launching the personalized, protective intelligence solution for businesses, security professionals, and global organizations. The company will showcase recent technology advancements at the upcoming 2017 ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits in Dallas, Sept. 25–28, and highlight how Threat Lens helps corporate security leaders mitigate risks that emerging threats pose to their people, assets, and interests around the world.

“We’ve had an incredible year engaging with our clients, learning more about what they’re concerned about and then digging into those issues so they can be proactive,” said Scott Stewart, Stratfor Vice President of Tactical Analysis and lead analyst for Stratfor Threat Lens. “That includes better understanding how they use Threat Lens analysis, the global threat matrix, forecasts, educational material and other resources so our team can continue to customize the experience to amplify their efforts to identify, anticipate, measure and mitigate risk.”

The newest advancements for Stratfor Threat Lens, which received the 2016 ASIS Accolades Award, include the forthcoming release of the product API. The API will allow clients to directly integrate Threat Lens content into their existing systems for greater visibility and faster response to developing threats. Clients will also soon gain access to new Intelligence Update functionality.

Operating much like a breaking news feed, Threat Lens’ Intelligence Update will deliver immediate, concise updates on emerging situations to clients with quick bursts of analysis and insight on what it means for them. That empowers corporate security leaders to stay ahead of the news cycle and answer questions for their leadership with confidence.

“Where so many other groups focus on the ‘what,’ our Threat Lens team is laser focused on the ‘how’ and ‘what next,’” said Stewart. “We dive into the tradecraft, tactics, techniques and procedures used by criminals, industrial espionage actors or terrorists and put them into context. We’ve seen overwhelming response to our forecasts for security trends as well as our tactical deconstruction pieces, whether it’s our analysis on how activists conduct pre-operational surveillance or our kidnapping and bombing deconstructions.”

In today’s evolving risk environment, it is critical for global enterprises to make informed decisions and implement protective measures before their people, assets or interests around the world are threatened. Stratfor Threat Lens is the only unified solution that analyzes and forecasts security risks from a holistic perspective, spanning criminal activity; terrorism and insurgency; industrial espionage; and business continuity. The customizable Threat Lens platform also allows business and security leaders to focus on the geographic regions, topics and issues that matter most to their organizations.

Stratfor analysts will be on hand to demonstrate Threat Lens’ functionality and how it has become the essential situational awareness resource for security professionals at the 2017 ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits (Booth #4583) in Dallas, Sept. 25–28. During the conference, Stewart will present a session on The Risks of Taking Espionage Out of Cyber Espionage. He’ll also be joined by Stratfor Chief Security Officer Fred Burton to share their expertise on Terrorism: Drivers and Trends to Watch in the Next Five Years.

As the world’s leading geopolitical intelligence platform, Stratfor brings global events into valuable perspective, empowering businesses, governments and individuals to more confidently navigate their way through an increasingly complex international environment.


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