S2 Security Announces S2 Cumulus Cloud-based Service

S2 Cumulus makes it easy to remotely monitor and administer S2 systems from a centralized dashboard

S2 Security, the leading developer of complete enterprise security solutions, announced S2 Cumulus. This new cloud-based service is a major step in connecting the S2 ecosystem, enabling administration and monitoring of S2 products as well as critical communication between people, devices, and third-party systems.

“Cumulus represents an enormous advantage for S2 system owners,” said John L. Moss, CEO, S2 Security. “We’ve created the backbone for providing new cloud services to our integrators, our end users and our end users’ people.”

S2 Cumulus transforms the way S2 systems integrators monitor and manage S2 deployments. At launch, S2 Cumulus offers system health monitoring, software license management, remote software updates and automatic alerts to changes in system status.

Leveraging the cloud, S2 Cumulus will enable S2 Security to develop and provide countless services such as virtual credential acquisition and management, video stream sharing, remote mustering, communication with third-party systems and more.

From a centralized, easy-to-use dashboard, integrators can organize and view critical information about their registered S2 systems to provide better service to customers. They can also set up and receive email or text message alerts to changes in system status, reducing the time to detect and resolve problems.

In addition, common tasks such as updating software and managing and renewing licenses can be performed remotely through S2 Cumulus without requiring an onsite visit, reducing service and maintenance costs.

S2 Cumulus currently supports S2 NetBox series access control and event monitoring systems, S2 NetVR series video management systems, and the S2 Magic Monitor unified client, and over the course of 2018 will be offered for all S2 product lines.

S2 Security will be exhibiting at ASIS 2017 in Dallas at Booth 3423. For more information, visit .

S2 Security Corporation is the leading developer of complete enterprise physical security solutions, including access control, video surveillance, event monitoring, digital signage, live Internet sourced real-time data and information feeds, mobile applications and cloud-based services

Source: s2sys.com