Teleste Selected by Alstom for Marseille’s Automated Metro

Teleste Alstom Marseille

Teleste will provide an on-board solution to Alstom for the Marseille metro network in France, ordered by the Aix Marseille Provence Metropole, AMP.

Teleste’s deliveries will include on-board TFT displays as well as systems for passenger information, public address, CCTV, and wireless train-to-ground functions for 38 4-car driverless metro trains, with an option for an additional 5 vehicles. The system deployments will start in 2021, and the first trains will enter into service in 2024.

“Introducing automated services to metro networks will increase flexibility and efficiency in operation, while also setting high requirements for the train technology, especially when it comes to real-time train to ground transmission of audio, video, and passenger information content. Our on-board systems are well-equipped to meet the challenge by enabling reliable, real-time connectivity between moving trains and the ground system, reinforced by seamless integration also with third-party systems. We are pleased that Alstom selected our solution for their project and are looking forward to providing a safe and smooth travel experience for the passengers of Metro Marseille,” commented Jarkko Vehkala, Head of the Rolling Stock Manufacturers business line at Teleste.

Teleste’s on-board solution has been designed for the seamless support of fully-automated, driverless metro operations, which will be taken into use in the Marseille metro by the end of 2026.

This means that the trains will then be controlled without any staff on board from the operator’s train control system, and a reliable interface between the new and legacy systems will be deployed.

Teleste’s solution meets the requirements by seamlessly combining on-board systems such as public address, CCTV and the delivery of passenger information with an advanced train-to-ground transmission system.

This allows the operator to manage on-board operations remotely while, for example, getting 24/7 access to live camera views from the metro cars to ensure the safety and security of passengers during their journey.

Also automatic and manual offload of video recordings, system diagnostics as well as automatic updates and version control of the train software are enabled. With interfaces to third-party systems, the solution also empowers seamless operation of the on-board functionalities as part of larger transport ecosystems.

Teleste offers an integrated product and service portfolio that makes it possible to build and run a better networked society.


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