University Of Georgia Replacing Biometric Hand Scanners, Chooses PIN For Access Control

University of Georgia replacing biometric hand scanners, chooses PIN for access control

Administrators at the University of Georgia have implemented PIN entry to access all buildings on its Athens campus, replacing the previous hand geometry biometrics system, according to a report by CR80 News. Previously, students would place their hands over a biometric reader to gain access to dormitories, dining halls, and exercise facilities.

The new system requires students to use a combination of their student ID and a pin number to access campus areas.

The university has been using hand geometry biometrics since the 1970s as a safety measure for students and security controls to prevent students from taking advantage of the school’s unlimited meal plan, according to campus newspaper The Red & Black.

But in recent months, students have voiced their apprehensions about the biometric security system, specifically with how it facilitates the spreading of germs and the system itself being outdated.

Although one major disadvantage of the PIN system is that unauthorized students can gain access to a building if they have the pin number and ID of an authorized student.


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