Vector Flow Unveils Innovative Workspace Occupancy App for a Seamless Return to Office (RTO) Experience

New Application Delivers Actionable Insights on Workspace Utilization for Improved Security and Space Planning Purposes

Vector Flow is thrilled to announce the launch of its Workspace Occupancy application.

This cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the way organizations manage and optimize their physical workspaces, allowing enterprises to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and ultimately facilitate a seamless return to the office (RTO).

“As enterprises transition from working from home to hybrid working and eventually return to almost full-time office work, the need for a safe, efficient, and user-friendly work environment becomes paramount,” said Ajay Jain, Founder & CEO of Vector Flow.

“We are excited to present our Workspace Occupancy app, a game-changer in the realm of workplace utilization, to address the evolving needs of organizations as they navigate the RTO phase.”

Vector Flow’s Workspace Occupancy app effectively monitors and analyzes workspace usage patterns to provide a 360° view of what is happening in the workplace. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms and state-of-the-art sensor technology, this app provides real-time insights into workspace occupancy, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions and create an optimal work environment.

Key features of the Workspace Occupancy App include:

Real-time Occupancy Monitoring allows users to track workspace occupancy in real time and over time. The solution helps users understand how many visitors or employees are visiting an office per day, per site, or per room so that users can reconfigure underutilized spaces based on accurate data. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Vector Flow can provide specific recommendations on how best to utilize available space.

Space Utilization Analytics provides comprehensive insights into workspace utilization patterns, helping facility managers better plan their space and identify opportunities for cost savings. These insights enable informed decision-making regarding office layout, resource allocation, and facility planning.

Out-of-the-Box Reports generated through the app can be readily used by organizations for compliance and audits. These reports help organizations monitor compliance e.g. With social distancing policies and other reporting requirements, such as CA AB 685 – Cal and OSHA requirements.

“Our company’s future-thinking and innovation mindset allows us to quickly develop new solutions that create a safer and more efficient work environment while adapting to evolving work models,” said Ajay Jain, Founder & CEO of Vector Flow.

“The Workspace Occupancy app provides organizations with solutions to their RTO challenges while using the data they already have in place to dramatically lower total cost of ownership and shorten deployment time to weeks, not months”.

Paired with Vector Flow’s PIAM and iPic solutions, Vector Flow delivers solutions for a full cycle encompassing employee onboarding, identity and access management, and space and occupancy management for enhanced productivity and employee experience.

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