Video Shows How Delta’s Portable Vehicle Barriers Protected Fremont Street Festival

San Francisco’s KBCW TV Explains How 12 Temporary Barriers Defended 300,000 Attendees at Bay Area Street Festival from Errant Vehicle Harm.

Delta Scientific, the leading manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems used in the United States and internationally, announced that a YouTube video from Bay Area TV station KBCW demonstrates how Delta’s portable vehicle barriers protected last weekend’s Fremont Street Festival which had an attendance projected at up to 300,000 people. The 2-1/2-minute video demonstrates how the barriers work, provides a background of why they are needed by showing the tragedies at London and Nice when terrorists mowed down pedestrians and interviews several Fremont people involved with the festival.

“We don’t want people to worry about their safety,” expresses Lt. Matt Snelson of the Fremont Police Department.

Ed Fonseca, president of Fun and Game Rentals, who is in charge of many of the festival rides, relates that, in the past, festival operatives had to park their own cars in the entrances to help guard festival attendees. With the portable barricades, the entrances are closed to traffic but can be lowered to let authorized law enforcement and delivery vehicles through.

The 12 totally self-contained MP5000’s were towed to the 12 entrances into the festival to control vehicle access within 15 minutes apiece. No excavation or sub-surface preparation was required. Once positioned, the mobile barricades unpacked themselves by using hydraulics to raise and lower the barriers off their wheels. DC-powered pumps then raised the barriers to keep vehicles out or lowered the barrier to let vehicles through. The mobile deployable vehicle crash barriers can stop a 7.5 ton (6400 Kg) vehicle traveling 40 mph (64 kph).


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