OnSSI And Seagate Deliver High Performance, Scalable Archiving Solution

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OnSSI and Seagate have teamed up to provide security professionals with a robust recording solution designed for more efficient system expansion and scalability. The integration of OnSSI’s Ocularis VMS and Seagate’s RealStor™ SAN storage system allows users to expand their systems with increased recording capacities as needed, while ensuring seamless continuity and manageability.

“Our open architecture platform enables technology partnerships that optimize system capabilities while sustaining cost and performance efficiencies over the long run,” said Mulli Diamant, VP of International Business Development, OnSSI. “Our partnership with Seagate allows us to provide a highly cost-effective and seamlessly scalable recording and storage solution for our customers.”

System scalability will become increasingly critical as the amount of data requiring storage grows more quickly than ever. In a report commissioned by Seagate, IDC Research predicts that disruptive data trends —many of which are driving demand for video surveillance— will trigger an enormous increase in the amount of data produced and stored worldwide, from 16-ZB today to 163-ZB in the year 2025.

Seagate’s RealStor storage system is purpose-built to help manage this rapid growth, enabling customers to scale their recording capacity as the number of cameras in their systems grows and required days of retention increases. Seagate’s RealStor system is designed from the ground up so that all components —from the enclosure, to intelligent firmware and the Seagate hard drives— work together seamlessly to provide fast data access, high reliability, and performance.

“A scalable solution helps support growth initiatives and protects users’ original investment,” said Rags Srinivasan, Sr. Director, Product Management for the Seagate Cloud Systems group. “Our collaboration with OnSSI helps to ensure performance optimized video storage systems regardless of how many cameras are added or how they need to be managed.”

The latest release of Ocularis 5 features an enhanced user experience with vastly extended mobile capabilities. The new Ocularis 5 Mobile provides comprehensive alert and event processing with the ability to stream live video via a mobile device to Ocularis, and the ability to track mobile operators’ physical locations using GPS mapping.

The updated Ocularis 5 also includes a scalable web app, Client bandwidth optimization, expanded wide-angle image de-warping support, additional Smart Camera Drivers, Windows Server 2016 support and a superior recording engine.

Source: onssi.com

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