Actility, Milesight and Akenza Release 3 New IoT Solutions for Indoor Air Quality, Smart Office and Smart Building

Do you  need to monitor and manage your indoor air quality, water leakage, and security? Are you looking for a solution that helps drive an unparalleled mix of device-collaborated flexibility, offering a real-time overview of your workplace? Or are you spending up to 90% of your time inside a working space, and looking to monitor the quality of the air you’re breathing?

Actility ,Milesight and Akenza offer you the most adapted solutions! Together, the partners developed three turnkey solutions to cover your needs. The evaluation starter kits provide you with the required hardware and software. Milesight Kits  provides products and services covered with comprehensive plans for your indoor air quality, workplace, and buildings.

Using Milesight All-star Devices & Turnkey Solutions for IAQ, CoWork, and Smart Building, Akenza’s platform and LoRaWAN® connectivity from Actility’s ThingPark Enterprise platform, you transform your working environment into a smart, interconnected, and comfortable space.

This statement focuses on one particular kit out of the tree ones that are presented afterwards. As this is still the intro of the article, I wouldn’t mention here one particular kit but stay general and focus on all 3 kits.

Monitored and Managed. Smart Building Gets Ready

Milesight Smart Building Kit

Milesight Smart Building Kit provides products and services for your buildings ranging from hardware to software. Monitoring and management of indoor air quality, water leakage, and security are all based on IoT, which has enormous potential for visibility and efficiency using data-driven processes.

With the help of this kit, you can transform your workplace into a smart, interconnected, and comfortable environment. It indicates whether the indoor air quality is hazardous to one’s health, and when a present comfort indicator reaches a certain threshold, the HVAC system can be turned on or off automatically using a simple IoT Controller.

Furthermore, there is no longer any need to be concerned about unexpected water leakage, which could result in the loss of your valuable assets. Building management is now at your fingertips thanks to improved technology!

Improving Space Utilization and Workplace Efficiency

Milesight CoWork Kit

Milesight CoWork Kit provides products and services with a comprehensive solution to improve space utilization and workplace efficiency, from hardware to software. This CoWork Solution provides an unrivaled combination of device-collaborated flexibility and a real-time overview of your workplace. Milesight D2D, a technology developed independently by Milesight, is utilized in this CoWork Kit.

It is a device-to-device communications link which does not use the LoRaWAN® network infrastructure but enables LoRa based devices to communicate directly with one another when they are in the same group. In this kit, on one hand, users can leverage the D2D to achieve fast control of the devices locally; on the other, this plug-and-play kit is simple to configure and operate via a LoRaWAN® wireless long-range network to see more details.   Setup takes only a few steps. Its compact and futuristic design is ideal for use in offices, classrooms, and other indoor settings.

Create Excellent IAQ PoC in ONE Kit

Milesight Indoor Air Quality Kit

We spend up to 90% of our time indoors, but how often do we consider the quality of the air we breathe? Unlike outdoor air, indoor air is constantly recycled, trapping pollutants and allowing them to accumulate within these confined spaces.

Milesight IAQ Kit offers a variety of products and services to help make facilities safer and healthier. It allows for real-time monitoring of CO2 concentrations in order to create a safer and healthier indoor environment, protect employees, workers, or students, and meet air quality regulations.

Milesight is a fast-growing tech company delivering smart IoT and video surveillance products with a focus on AI, 5G, Sensing and IoT technologies since 2011. visit:

akenza is leading the evolution of the Internet of Things from a prototype stage toward broad market applicability.
The company has established long-term relationships with major clients such as Zurich Insurance, ISS, Georg Fischer, and various SMEs.visit:

Actility provides its ThingPark™ platform and network technology to deploy, operate and maintain public and private wireless IoT networks within a unified, scalable and versatile network infrastructure.visit: