Aeroturn Breaks Down the Barriers to Safer Schools; Offers Innovative Solutions and Expertise

Aeroturn Turnstiles

Leading Connecticut-based turnstile manufacturer offers new school guard glass and joins forces with security assessment experts to better protect children and faculty.

Aeroturn LLC  announced that the company is on a mission to help schools throughout the country improve physical security.

Aeroturn has dedicated its efforts to delivering cutting-edge, highly secure turnstile solutions over the years and continues to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to school security by offering turnstiles that can accommodate forced entry resistant glass – school guard glass.

The term “School Guard Glass” is something that will become extremely popular over the next few years. More and more schools will be implementing forced entry resistant glass at entry points with the intention of protecting and saving lives.

Aeroturn’s Single & Dual Portal Mantrap Turnstile can be used at critical checkpoints that can handle a full height school guard glass set of moving panels, which is an important factor for schools. Only moving panels with a compound motion will keep the leading edge of the barrier midway along the passageway while storing the panels parallel to the passageway.

This functionality provides the safest and widest passageways (up to 42” clear). Unprecedented ADA compatibility, particularly with service dogs and wheelchair footrests in bi-directional traffic.

In addition to providing the latest solutions, Aeroturn has joined forces with True Security Design, a Long Island-based security consulting firm which will help evaluate vulnerabilities and security threats in a customer’s existing facilities, including schools and business workplaces. Lt. Joseph Pangaro (Ret.), President of True Security Design will be assessing how well an existing security system can deter, detect, delay and respond to security threats, identify all vulnerabilities, and provide actionable recommendations to mitigate future risk.

“Aeroturn is always experimenting with ways to make our turnstiles unique and better able to protect our children and faculty across the country,” states Michael Stoll, VP Technical Sales & Marketing. We are happy to team up with True Security Design and offer not only unique turnstile solutions to our customers; but a true team of security experts.”

A huge benefit of a single or dual portal mantrap turnstile is the engineered flexibility in creating unique cabinets, flush mounting in walls to secure hallways, overhead panels to create an “automatic wall of glass,” and running panels in tandem to create man-traps with integrated screening in high throughput locations.

There are many options out there for turnstiles, however none address directly the campus level of a dual front door forced entry resistant passage mantrap that can be fully integrated with metal detectors. Schools should be looking at physical security as a way to stop an active shooter at the front door and reliability as well as performance should be a key feature when selecting a turnstile solution. The future of school security is here with one integrated security system working together to protect our students.

Aeroturn has been offering integrators and end users this century’s turnstiles that include a comprehensive range of turnstile products. With an engineering team that is second to none; the team has been together for over two and a half decades in the product design, development and manufacturing field and continues to lead the way in the security industry.